Friday Music Prompt #50: Send in the Clowns


It’s a funny old world isn’t it.

There is so much we take for granted

So much we find to revere and all for what?

All around us are good people taking their lives so seriously and

not so good people who couldn’t give a rats arse about anyone other than themselves.

All the while we are trying our best to get ahead.

It is a dog eat dog world where one’s self-importance outweighs the rights of so many standing around us. We can walk all over them and trample them underfoot because we have to preserve the world we live in because we think we are RIGHT!

Then we are reminded that in the grand scheme of things and at least for the next 5 million years, the sun will come up tomorrow despite our best efforts to prove that wrong.

We’ll stuff up, we’ll ruin the lives of others, hurt the ones we love and we’ll attempt at some point to reconcile with those we know we need to do so.

And occasionally we’ll see, if we are lucky, the funny side of life.

That its ok to stuff up, its ok to be wrong, its ok to love and then discover it wasn’t what you first thought it was because all manner of circumstances have gotten in the way and left you either an awakened person or paralyzed with fear over yet another failure in the love game.

You’ll read the papers and see that Joe Bloggs is the happiest man in the world for no other reason than that he is alive. You on the other hand covet your neighbours wife, his house and his lush green front lawn. You desire that a holiday in the Mediterranean is the go even though you can’t afford it but the latest glossy magazine says it’s the place to be seen.

You spend so much of your life catching up, watching up and looking up that you forget to live…and in the end you are just a pile of old bones with not a lot to show.

Then your grandson delivers the ultimate insult. He writes a book called “Clowns I have Known”. You read the first chapter and discover he has written the story of your life and you call him up and complain..bitterly.

He asks which bit is untrue. You have no answer for you know it is as it happened. Your life is reduced to a farce. Your whole being is now seen as a clown, fumbling your way through life, tripping over, getting it wrong, barking up the wrong tree, spending the wrong penny in the wrong slot, thinking you were making a difference when in fact you were creating your own comedy.

You’ve become the next generation’s clowns, isn’t it rich you say, your self-importance washing down the drain as the rain comes down on your parade.

You sit under the shade of a tree that is fifty years old in your backyard and for the first time you realise it is there, you look around and think, what was I doing all those years?

At last a smile comes across your face and you know then and there what it’s like to smile, free of the self-loaded importance of life, it’s a new feeling, your face finds the creases its missed for so long.

Finally, there’s that sense that maybe at the end there is a man, existing under his own garishness. You’re happy in the knowledge that you don’t have to wait for next year, your clown is now here.


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15 Responses to Friday Music Prompt #50: Send in the Clowns

  1. I agree, its a dog eat dog world alright. Excellent take on the prompt Michael 🙂

    Lots of love,

  2. “Here’s to laugh lines and creases, Michael. If that is what we are left with, it ain’t all bad,” she replied.

  3. Shadeau says:

    Oh my goodness–BRAVO!!!!! This is what I want, Michael–to stop seeing my life as pathetic melodramatic tragedy, and view it from my newly comedic side. Thank you, a million thank you’s!

  4. wildchild47 says:

    You have such a wonderful way with words, and they speak with a touch of humour, a smattering of peppery bite, a smidgen of salt, a touch of honey, and a grand dose of class Michael 🙂 Love it 😀

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