SoCS June 25/16 – drink


Do you ever stop and think how good it could be to own a winery?

I ask this as after watching a lot of DVD TV drama and observing that numerous bottles of wine are consumed in each and every episode.

It seems that no matter the situation a bottle is opened and shared around. I guess that it is shared sis a good thing rather than guzzled by one person.

Having a drink is so much a part of societies norms now isn’t it. You come home from work and a relaxing drink before dinner is what people love to do.

You invite people over and the first thing you do is offer them a drink. In a restaurant you are asked up front what you might like to drink.

Of course the issue for me has always been that we drink too much and so if we are not careful or aware of our condition we can get ourselves into trouble or even worse someone else into trouble.

I remember growing up with boys who would come in on a Monday morning bragging about the great weekend they had had when on Saturday night they had been blind drunk. I have always been puzzled by their answer to my question: What did you do? Their answer: I can’t remember.

I used to seriously think it was my issues that they couldn’t remember but I was always torn by the idea of how can you have a great weekend when you can’t remember what actually happened.

Now days I drink very little, alcohol that is… really doesn’t mix terribly well with medication so to spare myself. I just don’t drink at all…so I sit around with my wine buff brothers listening to them wax lyrically about this wine and that one. In a way it’s an education and I’m glad they enjoy it all.

I find I have the pleasure of being designated driver a lot. Some days I really do dream of owning a winery.


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23 Responses to SoCS June 25/16 – drink

  1. “That would be a nice pastime — own a vineyard. Whether you drink the fruits of your labour or not,” she nodded,

  2. Soul Gifts says:

    We’re spoilt for choice of good wines here in South Australia – as you would be too where you are. There’s a lot of small family own vineyards in the foothills of Adelaide. They seem to combine it very well with a small selection of foods. People would rather sit and taste with food. And it is more enjoyable that way as well.

  3. Shadeau says:

    I like to look at the wine bottles (and boxes), read the clever poetic names of some, admire the colors of wine–but I can’t drink without getting an immediate headache, so there’s really no good point to it…

  4. Alcohol is a real problem here in the UK, especially amongst the younger generations – teens to twenties. I’ve had my moments, but these days, I just have the odd drink here and there. I’d rather just drink a little and really enjoy it, than drink it for the sake of it.

  5. I bet it would be a great experience owning a winery.

  6. I’m with you on the idea of having a good time that one cannot remember, I do love my wine and feel blessed that I can still enjoy it. Have a great week Michael. I would call you for designated driver help, but I never drink and drive.

  7. LindaGHill says:

    Ah, I love my wine. But I also love the way I lose weight when I don’t drink it… 😛

  8. Never had that desire! There’s a movie about owning a winery. Found it, google is amazing. Bottle Shock and maybe also Sideways. I liked the first one better.

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