Music Prompt #45: “No Other Love” by Chuck Prophet


In my mind I sail across the sea

Down your street

To you door

You answer

Invite me in

We play, we sing

We make love

We dance

Oblivious to all around.


In my mind you sail across the sea

I await with bated breath

You enter all nerves



We embrace

We talk

We make love

We never look back.


In my mind I see us hand in hand

One adventure after another

Down the road

Up the hill

Climbing, jumping

Laughing all the while.

We make love

Ponder our reality

Glad we are but kids at heart.


Written for”

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21 Responses to Music Prompt #45: “No Other Love” by Chuck Prophet

  1. rosemawrites says:

    this is heartwarming <3. and it felt like a song, a real song. ❤

  2. Pretty amazingly Michael!

  3. Oh and I had meant to add that I really liked the poem — I can picture the two sitting on swings in a playground, holding hands and moving as one.
    We embrace/We talk/We make love/We never look back.
    I go get the Kleenex/tissues. Hearts will melt.

  4. Lyn says:

    Lovely, Michael. If only life was always that simple.

  5. Mara Eastern says:

    Poetry is intended to be read! You get it right 🙂 I do admit that without following the poem on the page, I would probably struggle with your accent – as you would surely struggle with my foreign learner’s accent. I’d need more material to get attuned to the way you speak and understand better!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Mara yes I agree the accent thing is something to contend with. My US friends tell me to slow down when I speak and I did notice it last year when I was on a tour with a group of lovely US folk who I think tolerated me and were too polite to tell me to slow down. Thankfully the language is universal in written form. Attuning to language does take time for example having taught a lot of Shakespeare I’ve learned to be able to listen to it and get what is going on. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

      • Mara Eastern says:

        Yes, it’s great that the written form of the language reaches everyone across accents and oceans 😉 I always consider it my inadequacy when I can’t understand someone’s accent. One should be able to process different accents…

      • Michael says:

        We should be able to process accents but so many are cultural eg Scottish and Irish and others the result of living away from the world like mine. We don’t open our mouths enough when we speak, to keep the flies out, and we say things as if we are in a hurry. Like ‘ jahavagoodweekend?’ So what you hear is probably a lot of mumbling but I’ll try to sound at least mildly intelligent the next time.

      • Mara Eastern says:

        I quite like your explanation of how you don’t open your mouths enough 😉 It’s not just that, it’s simply a different accent, a natural thing, I’m far from judging accents as “good” or “bad”.

      • Michael says:

        Oh trust me mine is a good one after all would I lie to you?

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