Tale Weaver #66: May 19 2016: All that Glitters


This week, let’s explore: “All that glitters is not gold.”

The word/concept which I’m offering as point of inspiration?


The relationship had flourished there was no doubt. Summer had never been so happy in finding Tommy. They were very different people but had been brave to try each other out.

The tentative meetings on the bus had developed into the most wonderful time for them both.

She knew Tommy had doubted his ability, had not thought himself good enough but to Summer he was the man of her dreams. Attentive, loving, compassionate and above all genuine.

They had been conducting their relationship for some months when Tommy one day dropped the M word. There was nothing to ponder as far as Summer was concerned, she’d marry him in a heartbeat but first she knew she had to come clean.

Her past and who she was began to nag at her. Would he still love her if he knew the truth about her.

In the early hours of the morning when she awoke to find him sleeping peacefully beside her, she contemplated the future once she revealed her secret.

She knew he thought the sun shone out of her, that she was the perfect woman for him and she knew he was just so perfect for her. All she could think of was the tarnish she was going to apply to the magic they both felt. It was clear to her that Tommy should know about her past. And for that matter her present.

So one Sunday afternoon she sat beside him and told him her story.

She hadn’t always been Summer. She had an alter ego a feisty character called Esther. She explained to Tommy that when they made love she would from time to time become aggressive. Esther was that aggression.

Tommy thought back to the previous night when Summer had for no reason he could think of at the time, thrust him to the bed and straddled him. She had sworn at him, urged him on, calling for him to go harder. It was very much arousing for him and he just thought it part of Summer’s response. He had heard of alternate egos and now Summer, his beautiful girl, was talking of hers.

He was silent listening to her. He could tell she was nervous, concerned as to his reaction but he soothed her fears, he held her close, he told her it made no difference, he loved Summer for being who she was.

Summer was relieved and knew that at some point Esther would overpower her and confront Tommy and it might not end well.

Two weeks later it happened.

Summer and Tommy had finished their lovemaking and Summer went to freshen up in the bathroom. Tommy lay on the bed still euphoric.

It was then he met Esther. She appeared at the end of the bed. She looked different to Summer, her hair was drawn back from her forehead, her eyes had narrowed and she looked at him with malice.

She told him who she was. She told him she was the one who protected Summer and if he ever hurt her, disappointed her in any way he would have to answer to her.

She watched him the whole time before conceding that she didn’t understand what Summer saw in him but he made her happy and that was all that mattered to her.

Then she walked back into the bathroom and seconds later Summer reappeared. More nervous than ever having been unable to stop the aggressive Esther.

She sat beside him and he pulled her down to lie beside him. He stroked her head, told her he loved her and that Esther would be ok with him, that he would treat them both with great respect and honesty.

Tommy bent to kiss his beautiful Esther, once again they began to move towards the love making that made them both feel whole.

Inside Summer, Esther smiled at the thought that soon Summer would be wearing Tommy’s diamond.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/tale-weaver-66-may-19-2016-all-that-glitters/

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11 Responses to Tale Weaver #66: May 19 2016: All that Glitters

  1. Nice to read about Tommy, Summer, and Esther. Will be they making more appearances. I do find them fascinating characters — learned a thing or two.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you my friend, not sure if you will see them again but you never can say no can you when two characters intrigue you the way these two do…..

  2. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    What a story!! And I like the play on names. Nice touch. Very clever

  3. kim881 says:

    is this a schizophrenic menage a trois? Will there be another instalment? I need to know what happens!

    • Michael says:

      That’s an interesting comment Kim…hmmm…no I don’t see it as that at all, Summer has an alternate personality and other stories we do get to find out a little about where she has come from and why. Maybe one day I will let them out again….

  4. wildchild47 says:

    I’m sitting here reading Kim’s comment and I can’t stop laughing – it has tickled my fancy – although, I take no measure of pleasure in laughing at mental illnesses or health issues.

    Anyhow …. thanks for sharing this response to the prompt Michael 🙂

    Indeed intriguing characters …. I remember from long ago in one of our off-the-cuff comment conversations you mentioning these two characters – Summer and Tommy. Perchance are they the ones from before?

    At any rate, this is an interesting tale – certain aspects of the weaving offer such fascination in contemplation – and so it is definitely interesting. Of course, anything sexual usually is – so adding another dimension definitely pushes the possible story lines to new places. Curious and intriguing, definitely elements that are worth exploring. It’ll be interesting to see if they reappear and their story continues and develops.

    Have a great day/weekend Michael 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Pat, they are the same two, I do have to be careful with them though they have minds of their own and in a public forum there is only so much you can get away with…..but I always like Esther….

      • wildchild47 says:

        Well, as they say, most great characters are indeed “people” in their own way …. and at best, we are just “handlers”

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