Photo Challenge #111 – Doors


Image: Anna O. Photography

You turned out such a bitch

What started as a love made in heaven

You turned into a hellish journey.

For so long I thought we were fine

We had differences, who doesn’t?

We played as never before

We talked long into the night

Couldn’t get enough of each other.

You saw me as a man with potential.

You bent and twisted me

My own introspection destroying me.

Telling me what to look for

Stupidly I complied

Long hours of fruitless thought

Fear motivated, I penned words

Meaningless platitudes

As you crushed the life out of me.

I reached a dead end

Trapped and defenseless

As you ripped out my soul.

Desperation = preservation

I shut one door,

Opened another.

Here welcome, love and acceptance abounds.


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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #111 – Doors

  1. “Here welcome, love and acceptance abounds.” So glad you found it, and yes, I’m off to find the Kleenex; wonderful poem about freedom and what it can cost to get there.

  2. wildchild47 says:

    Often though, we have to walk the road of hell, paved with “good intentions” – even if they are our own, before we understand and can finally appreciate “freedom” – and it all starts and ends within ourselves.

    Great interpretation of the image Michael – and I’m glad you made it through. 😀

  3. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    A journey filled with so much angst, doubt and pain…great take on this image, Michael.

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