Moral Mondays: “Don’t Take On More Than You Can Bear”


For the umpteenth time that day he found the child huddled in the corner. Withdrawn and forlorn, the child, ragged and bedraggled stared at the wallpaper between sobs and sniffles. He knew the issue at hand.

The child was thinking of home and going to another episode of her nightmare.

He had tried talking, tried getting her help, tried passing her on to others more qualified. Whatever he tried she eventually returned to the corner.

He felt hopeless as he surveyed the scene knowing that home for him was his version of the same nightmare.


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15 Responses to Moral Mondays: “Don’t Take On More Than You Can Bear”

  1. Oliana says:

    Such a sad image but wise story not to take on too much than the spirit can bear.

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Heart-wrenching story. I really feel for that child whose nightmares don’t get better. Sadder still, that his Father has his own nightmares. Well written.

  3. Wow! So much story in just a few words. Wonderful, Michael.

  4. “Sometimes, there are only nightmares; sometimes there are only tears.,” she said. “I don’t know how to explain how this hits me other than it hurts.” And, “I hope it didn’t hurt you too much to write.”

  5. “Yes, it was to write a tale with a moral/a moral tale,” she conceded. “Not all nightmares, not all corners, not all tales are real; some certainly feel/hurt like they do/are when written with such insight and depth.”

  6. Lynn Love says:

    Oh, this is very resonant for me. My parents were forster parents and some of the kids brought to them were from such terrible backgrounds they were very hard to help.
    Very sad , honest and touching

  7. Nortina S. says:

    Wow. Such a powerful story in so few words. It’s so hard, watching someone suffer from a nightmare, knowing nothing we can do will wake them up. Sometimes dreams become the new reality, and most people would rather sleep forever. Great writing, Michael!

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