Writing Prompt #155 “Collage 21” – When a Life Writes Itself


When a life writes itself

There is no telling

Where the next sentence starts

Nor where it ends.

There is no way of knowing what tomorrow brings

Even though inside you want

More of what today gave you.

So you wake up in expectation

Feel the warmth of nature

Wrap itself around you

As it reaches out into your soul

Allowing you to feel invincible.

But life invariably gets in the way.

Suddenly with no warning storm clouds

Gather overhead

The rumble of thunder

Alerts you to dangers

The streak of lightning

Is an intrusion into your soul.

We live for the dream

Of a seat with a view

Books read and written

Of road trips and shared adventures

But all the while there’s a barrier

The barbed wire that is our life.

Your need to lock yourself away

Where the black dog keeps you company,

Licks at your hurt of a haunted past.

Our saving grace, our redeeming feature

Is the place we go to bask in the beauty

Of our uniqueness.

Where an abundance of love, life and laughter flourishes,

Enriched and nurtured,

Within the chemistry

That is us.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/writing-prompt-155-collage-21/

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21 Responses to Writing Prompt #155 “Collage 21” – When a Life Writes Itself

  1. oh this is lovely, Michael 🙂 yes, we all have dreams but life writes itself. Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. kim881 says:

    I love the lines: ‘Feel the warmth of nature/Wrap itself around you’ and ‘The streak of lightning/
    Is an intrusion into your soul.’ I’m glad that he/she had the black dog for company.

  3. Enriched and nurtured,

    Within the chemistry

    That is us.

    loved those closing lines Michael gorgeous and I love how you used the song/video as well

    • Thank you Yves. Can you make the collage bigger? My old eyes struggle wth seeing it.

      • I used to be able too because you could click them (the originals are larger) but WP changed something in the formatting and now it sizes them down and doesn’t allow the click enlargement feature if you know how I could get them to post bigger please tell me because I don’t have great vision either so I understand and want them nice and big

      • Ok I did discover if I increase the screen size they were easier to see, as for WP I have no idea.

  4. weebluebirdie says:

    You’ve captured it all here – the tumbling uncertainties of life.

  5. This is wonderful Michael, capturing so much and emotional.

  6. Scout says:

    “We live for the dream”…this says it all . . .when the sun is shining and all is right with the world, the dream might be going for a hike, or a getaway. When it’s the black-dog we wake to, the dream is a ray of sun. Wonderful poem, Michael.

  7. humbird says:

    I love that you’re accepting the thunders of life while tapping in the our uniqueness,’our saving grace’. Great!

  8. wildchild47 says:

    Totally awesome piece this Michael 😀

    From start to finish – you capture and lead us on a journey as unique as each individual and yet the commonalities that bind us, are what makes this piece resonate so well. And wow – what stunning images you have created with your choice of words and lines …. some absolutely gorgeous lines – holy smokes –
    Where the black dog keeps you company,
    Licks at your hurt of a haunted past.

    I love the way these two lines flow – and how well you have used the metaphor – but the truth is – this entire piece, quite literally, from the first to the last lines – is just perfect. A masterpiece sir!

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