SoCS April 16/16 – no


NO you have to make an effort, Last week you took the easy way out all that repetition was cheap and nasty.

So today you must make an effort after all what are people going to think if the best you can say is No No No NO!!

Think of the applications the letters N.O. have. You got good direction from the good lady who runs the SOC so now you have to act on it. No I am sure she IS a good lady so stop acting like a child and get on and do something that reflects your ability.

No I didn’t know the letters NO were representative if the chemical no.102 on the periodic table and stand for nobelium. What the hell is that? No one has any idea, as it doesn’t occur naturally you have to make it oh really well that is useless information.

I have no idea where your brain goes sometimes and I don’t think you do either. It’s a mass of grey and white cells all in conflict with each other to see which can be the more notorious.

You could have said you live at no 22 and that would have been a use of no. But no not you. You have some convoluted idea that SOC is a serious business and no matter what you wont think otherwise.

Nothing I say is going to change your mind is it. I do my best, I say I wont take no for an answer and yet you persist in producing nothing of substance yet again.

I have no idea as to how to help you, you are going nowhere in life and it will all be your fault. No? You think not? Nothing gets through does it??


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14 Responses to SoCS April 16/16 – no

  1. Sue says:

    Haha ☺ nothing like a bit of self-deprecatory whipping in your stream of consciousness.

    Because I did not listen in science class, I did not learn until this very year at 45 that some of the elements in the periodic table do not occur naturally. It’s kind of freaked me out ever since I first found out.

  2. weebluebirdie says:

    I might have a go at Linda’s SOC – it is a good way to kick oneself up the blogging backside and to just post. This definitely reads that you took it to heart!

  3. I liked how this bounced from one no to another. Nice job Michael.

  4. wendyj59 says:

    Love your use of the prompt.

  5. LindaGHill says:

    HA! 😉 I have NO idea where you were going with all that, Michael, but I enjoyed it anyway. 😀

  6. dalecooper57 says:

    Just adding a number two to NO gets you N2O, which really stinks.

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