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The opening sentence for the March 4th Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner“I know it’s only been three weeks…” thought Angie as she once again spent her lunch break staring out the window in anticipation of his return.

In her mind she recalled his words as clear as the moment he said them. “I’ll be back for you.”

Leaving her in the workhouse had been cruel in so many ways. Angie was not brought up on hard work and every day the prospect loomed in front of her of working dawn till dusk on the giant loom. She knew this place was dangerous as only yesterday Esta her work companion had caught her hand in the machinery and so badly damaged it that before help arrived she bled to death. It wasn’t that help wasn’t there it was the supervisor running around insisting that work continue while help was coming. But it didn’t come and when they realised Esta had died she was taken away and another girl was there in her place.

“This is a terrible place,” thought Angie turning away from the window. “I hope he comes sooner than later.”


Written for: https://rogershipp.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/flash-fiction-for-the-purposeful-practitioner-week-10-2016/

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  1. Poor Angie! She must have been sold here to work her life off. I doubt he’s coming back. It’s sad to know some factories didn’t care about the workers’ safety. Great story, Michael. 🙂

  2. rosemawrites says:

    Oh. With this tale I am somehow reminded of human trafficking. And sadly, I am a bit sure Angie will be lovked there to work and he will not come back.

  3. This is so sad, Michael. It was probably very similar to this in reality. Wonderful story!

  4. bikurgurl says:

    So sad, but you see the pensive look on her face and I see your story.

  5. luckyjc007 says:

    It’s so sad that a child is treated that way. She is having part of her childhood taken from her. I hope she gets her wish soon and he comes back for her! Wonderful story..

  6. very well written 👍

  7. Susan Langer says:

    So many children were affected especially during the depression era. Well written piece, Michael. 🙂

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