Music Prompt #30: “Land of Confusion” by Genesis – Edges of Our Mind


It was the pat on the back

The hint of a genesis that inspired

Many to seek success blindly

But crumble in confusion

When rockets flew,

Bombs exploded.

Just another day

Of liars and cheats.

Did they ever contemplate

The magnitude of their actions?

The greed of the few

The sacrifice of so many?

“It will be alright,” they reassured

As beside me the boy died

His life sucked from him

By the new and lethal virus

Once said to be harmless

But allowed to mutate

Like the world around me

Into a monster with an entourage of demons.

Before long we didn’t know up from down.

I’m living in a wasteland

Gone with a bang, never a whimper,

Where jealousy and gluttony

Are a way of life.

Morality is a distant philosophy

Survival of the fittest

Again rules the planet.

There’s no tomorrow

In a grotesque existence

The future is now

And the world we live in

Is shaped by hungry men and women

Caring little for the freakish ones

Left to beg at the edges of our mind.


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6 Responses to Music Prompt #30: “Land of Confusion” by Genesis – Edges of Our Mind

  1. Wow Michael! Very powerful!

  2. CPP says:

    Holy Smokes Michael! This is one hell of a powerfully written and thought provoking piece! The entire piece – from start to finish – well – it’s so spot on – each phrase, line, sentence, thought flows like a stream running into a river into the ocean. It’s a brilliant social commentary – and truly deserving of reflection. Brilliant!

  3. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    I echo the sentiments this is one hell of a smoking piece 😀

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