Tale Weaver #53 – Helping Hands – Working with My Son


Image © morpethroad

It was to be a day of catch up and bonding and we had the most enjoyable day taking in the city and the fine cafes that can be found down narrow alley ways crowded with shoppers and people just out to take in the finery of the city.

We’d been to a few galleries and treated ourselves to a delicious lunch when at the days end he said would I like to work with him on some screen-printing.

Never having done any from scratch I said yes as the studio he worked in had a huge screen-printing area complete with real screen-printing tables.

He gave me some books to select a design from and I knew what I wanted for my first attempt was something simple.

So having selected a design we had to make the screen, easier said than done.

The cutting out I needed his help with and after several attempts and his expertise we finally had a screen we could use.

He taught me the screening process, hands and arms in the correct position, just the right amount of ink and away we went.

He decided that we would put the design onto cloth that would be used as a tea towel. We made six all up and with each one we decided to make the lips a different colour.


The end results are as above.

I was pretty pleased with what we achieved.

The idea of working with my son was something at the start of the day I never contemplated.

But it was his suggestion and he also got a kick out of working with his dad.

We have subsequently worked together on an art project involving a mural on a wall, which was also lot of fun to be involved in.

I am lucky in that my son and I get along so well, we tolerate one another and he forgives my obvious lack of artistic ability.

I look forward to my next opportunity.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/tale-weaver-53-helping-hands/

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19 Responses to Tale Weaver #53 – Helping Hands – Working with My Son

  1. “So nice,” she smiled, “that you and Lucas have that bond. Those are very special — as you know.”

  2. Mandy says:

    Love the photo, Michael. I can feel the pride you have in your son, most deservingly I think, and something tells me your son thinks his pops is pretty okay, too. Very special day for the two of you. 😊

  3. That brings back memories. I remember doing screen printing for my CSE art and it definitely wasn’t was easy as it looked. Great job 🙂

  4. Deb says:

    Must have been one of those days labelled ‘best day ever’. Love the art you created together. I love/envy the bond you have with each other.:-)

  5. Very nice screen print! And, an even nicer day spent with your son. 🙂

  6. In this day and age, not too many grown children choose to spend time with their parents. It’s wonderful you get that opportunity. I have one son, and he is a treasure.

  7. CPP says:

    wow! now that is indeed the capping end to a wonderful day! and oh how I loved silk screen printmaking! and for those who are always the naysayers “oh anyone could do that blah blah blah” – well, I blow fat raspberries at them …. for unless you have even begun to attempt the technical process and knowledge involved … then, hey – what do you know??

    I’m glad that you had such an awesome experience together …. and I wish you continued shared good times together 🙂

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