Writing Prompt #146 “The Emperor” – The Wretch


Image: Luis Royo

I was the wretch

Dragged screaming before you

A wastrel, a scoundrel,

A pathetic and needy louse.

You looked down on me

I saw not pity in your eyes

But understanding.

Mine has been a wasted life

Years of frolicking in a world

Of excess and ingratitude.

I stood before you

Emaciated, a degenerate

Whose fade should have been

To rot in some dark deep dungeon.

I had sacrificed lives

Spent fortunes on self-indulgence.

But you never hinted of judgement

When you spoke:

“Get up!

You are more than this.

Go home!

Bask in the love that awaits you

Offer reparation

Be the man you can be.”

Through the filth of my withered psyche

You showed me a light.

Around me voices sniggered,

Scoffed at such suggestion

But inside I felt a stirring.

I lifted my sorry self a last time

From my own life slime

And stepped into the future.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/writing-prompt-146-the-emperor/

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10 Responses to Writing Prompt #146 “The Emperor” – The Wretch

  1. Sounds like rebirth to me Michael, sometimes you have to hit bottom to make that change

  2. “Nice tale of redemption,” she said. “We all can use it.”

  3. This is wonderful! It really pulled me in. I also love the happy ending. 🙂

  4. I think a good many of us have that time in their life when they have to step up and fly right. My own occurred when, many years ago, I became pregnant and knew I wanted to be a good mother, one my child would be proud of.
    Wonderful poem, Michael. 🙂

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