Photo Challenge # 95: January 12, 2016 – Yellow Orchids


I’m on my walk; it’s just on 6am

The cool air is invigorating

I’m surrounded by the silence of the morning

Shattered by the occasional worker

Driving through my thoughts.

I pass by the gardens resplendent in orchids

Their bright yellow so boldly displayed

As if not a worry in the world.

My mind is as always filled with thoughts

Of change and sacrifice

Of understanding and commitment.

Above all its trust that I must generate

From within me and without me,

The call for an alternative

From what I thought was the simple and direct

Is not so easy when I see suffering

My heart aches that I am responsible.

There is beauty all around me

I see it in every step I take

And in my mind there too is beauty

That I have to allow mend, repair,

Find its way to where it needs to be

To rejoice in its own brand of freedom

Far from impedance.


I pick one bloom

Hold it to my nose

Take in its scent.

Looking into its rich yellowness

I see an inner strength and passion

But on touching it I sense its vulnerability

Its fragile nature needing to be nurtured

And even when its brittleness is threatened

I know it will restore again.


I smile for it grounds me there and then

As I remember why I am doing this

That someone far more worthy than me

Awaits me in the midst of these yellow orchids.

I step more lively now

Awake and alert to my purpose.


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20 Responses to Photo Challenge # 95: January 12, 2016 – Yellow Orchids

  1. Lovely, Michael! A clever balance between pain and beauty. Check 3rd line; should it be ‘by?’

  2. CPP says:


    There is such an inherent beauty in this piece Michael – it stops me in my tracks – so reflective and quiet – peaceful. It is captivating – much as the orchids – and I am totally awed [3rd time a charm?] by what you have fashioned here.

    [of course, there is no doubt regarding your skills, creativity or abilities – so abundant – but the sheer beauty of the words …. breathless … ]

    thanks for sharing your response to the photo challenge [truth be told, I had quite forgotten it was Tuesday]

    Cheers~ Pat

  3. any1mark66 says:

    Nicely done. Good imagery, but better feeling to it.

  4. Mandy says:

    I especially love the final two lines– its like that lightbulb moment when it all makes sense. I love that feeling. Very poignant piece, Michael.

  5. julespaige says:

    I once knew a deaf woman who raised orchids in a green house. for the longest time I didn’t know the vanilla bean was the seed of one type of orchid. I thought the flower was endangered in some way. To have them in abundance to pick and share – romantically amazing.

    Daffodils are quite hardy. Most folks do what is called ‘dead heading’ to fold back or cut the greens after the bloom is finished to make the bulb grow stronger. I knew some folks who chose not to did up some flower bulbs when pouring tar to widen their drive and the bulbs broke through!

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