Friday Music #21 “Heaven Coming Down” by The Tea Party

It could never be said you had nothing to do

In fact you are busy, made so by circumstance

I have watched you, head down bum up

Slaving away at your next task

You say it passes the day

But we both know it’s the escape

The place its better to be than

The harsh reality that awaits you.

You turn away at the suggestion of talk

You deny there is an issue

Pretend everything is good

When we know you hurt so much.

Inside you are a mess,

The demons are in your ear

Yell and scream at you

Decrying every move you make to

Put them in the places they deserve.

They are tearing you apart

Dissolving you before my eyes

And all I can do, day in day out

Is hang in here with you

Hold your hand

Tell you I love you

That I won’t abandon you

But be a constant in your life

Reaching into your soul

Showing you hope you think has vanished.

You will never be alone

While I am here.


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12 Responses to Friday Music #21 “Heaven Coming Down” by The Tea Party

  1. Shivangi says:

    So heart warming and beautiful…

  2. Another beautiful anthem to the power of hope and love.

  3. I could fall in love with this.

  4. mj6969 says:

    This is an incredibly inspired piece as prompted by the song – which I happen to love – I think you have penned such a strong and perceptive piece Michael – it really reaches deeply.

    • Thank you mj, often the inspiration comes from others including the song lyric… pleased you liked this one….have you have a great Christmas week…

      • I agree with you both about inspiration. I have the happy task of choosing just ONE song per week to bring out your spirit in the form of poetry. Oftentimes, the song chooses me and I love when they resonate with other people.

        I have not been writing as many as I would like. Perhaps I will join in the fun soon 😀

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