Tale Weaver #43 – Fairy Tale Prompt – A Fairy Christmas


‘T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a……’

Fairy Bastet looked down at the eight pairs of eyes plus one staring back at her.

What nonsense she thought, a Fairy Christmas is nothing like that, its chaos, mayhem, a constant cacophony of noise from one day to the next.

Christmas night is the worst, what with so much to be done and with Claus being so demanding and forever looking at his watch as the hour of his departure approached.

Today she was reading tales to the small fairies; once a week turning up at the Fairy School to read to the tiny fairies who loved her tales and the colourful books she showed them.

Fairy Bastet reflected on the times in her lifetime when she had been run off her feet and longed for the sound of the Christmas gong to go off so she could at last rest her weary feet.

Since retiring life had been less hectic and much more ordered.

The fairy children shifted impatiently in their seats except for Fairy Syd, the one eyed one. Fairy Syd was a Cyclops and came from a family of extremely hard workers. That was the advantage of being one-eyed the opportunities for distraction where few and far between. Every workshop in the Fairy world employed at least one Cyclops fairy for that very reason.

As it was the Christmas season all the fairy parents were hard at work working around the clock to get things done on time. Now days with so much technology in demand the Fairy workshops had found Fairy Nerds the ideal fairies to work towards completing the multitude of orders for IPods, IPads, game consoles and the games themselves. It was all go from morning till night and beyond.

A bell rang and Fairy Bastet breathed a sigh of relief, her time was over. Fairy Sunflower appeared at the door to guide the fairy children to their next activity, French speaking…in fact Fairies spent a lot of time learning languages as they would often be sent on journeys to foreign lands and a knowledge of the local vernacular was always an advantage.

So Fairy Bastet took off into the village where it was a hive of activity. For not only did the fairies have to be ready for Claus’ Christmas but they their own to organise.

She stopped by the gift shop and perused the many trinkets Fairy Candice had on display. Her niece, Fairy Rose had a penchant for things shiny and sparkly, she was a very modern Fairy was Rose, having a place that afforded her the luxuries in life that most only dreamed of like an automated Fairy bread maker that was the talk of her neighbourhood…

Next-door was the Fairy Smith Emporium. All the Smith’s in the Kingdom had pooled their resources and created their own super store selling all the things their smithing skills made.

Small metal things, large metal things, medium sized metal things and small oddly shaped things that might have been metal but which metal was always the question…..a big favourite at this time of the year were fairy shoe taps…..every fairy on Christmas day loved nothing more than to dance and to dance loudly…..so they put taps on their shoes, went out into the streets and tapped to their hearts content on the cobble stoned roadways. Hearing your favourite Christmas carol tapped to was always a treat to any passer-by.

Fairy Bastet gathered her shopping and headed for home passing the Gateway Tavern where she knew her neighbour Fairy Coop would be on his sixth Fairy wine by now judging by the time of day. She’d hear him stagger home later, singing at the top of his lungs, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” bumping into her doorway as he made his way to his fairy bed.

Fairy wine I should point out is nothing more than a strong coffee but as the fairies don’t take alcohol they like to imagine a lot.

At home Fairy Bastet laid out her shopping and checked off she had something for each member of her family. They would gather round her table on Christmas day, eat their Fairy cakes and fairy bread, gossip about their neighbours and generally have a jolly time ending the day with a collective nap punctuated with snores of the type only a fairy should never hear.

Content as she so often was Fairy Bastet poured herself a strong cup of fairy tea, a brew that could make your hair curl if it wasn’t already that way inclined and settled back with her new book, “Fairy Secrets, Scandals in Big Fairy Country”.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/tale-weaver-43-fairy-tale-prompt/


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2 Responses to Tale Weaver #43 – Fairy Tale Prompt – A Fairy Christmas

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Fairy Christmas and to Fairy Bastet. She knows quite a cast of interesting fairies — nice that they figured in her tale as well.

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