Music Friday Prompt #18: “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” by Dimie Cat – Perfect Yet Imperfect



Cat thought being a cat was so cool

Till he discovered indignity of the fur ball

Dog thought being a dog was so cool

Till he realised he could lick his own arse.


They all knew where it was at

They all knew it was a fact

They were the way they were

Perfect yet imperfect.


The Johnny Light Show Band played the coolest stuff

Every Saturday night, the Town Hall grooved

Couples crammed the dance floor

The infectious beat storming up the room.


All night they played, everyone stayed

The music mesmerised, steps were innovated

Relationships formed just on the night

A new partner dancing your style hung on your arm.


It was the perfect end to any busy week

Let your head go, these were the coolest cats

Johnny’s sax shrilled through the night

One pair got down and with it there and then.


The floor cleared as the spectacle began

Not unusual said one to see them go that way

As feet flashed the tempo increasing

Oblivious to their audience they boogied on.


Cat saw the woman come home, shoes in hand

Dog watched the man, dishevelled, worn out

Woman fell upon the bed, a drunken slumber

Man pissed in the kitchen tidy, slurred hello.


Cat thought fur balls weren’t as bad as woman’s state

She licked herself clean as woman snored

Dog shuddered thinking of man’s fat ugly arse

Licked itself thinking how cool its life really was.


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10 Responses to Music Friday Prompt #18: “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” by Dimie Cat – Perfect Yet Imperfect

  1. Bastet says:

    Bravo! How wise of the cat and dog 😉

  2. Good to see the different perspectives too. Bit of licking go on though wasn’t there!? The things some folk can do after a few lol. Good for a well needed giggle.

  3. J Lapis says:

    Very creative–yes, sometimes when we’re comparing, we see ourselves in a better light 🙂

  4. Dogs and cats are very wise, aren’t they? Very comical piece!

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