SoCS Nov. 28/15 – Giving a Stuff


This week’s prompt “stuff”

I have enjoyed the innumerable mentions of thanksgiving this week even though we do not have such a tradition in my country.

But I appreciate the importance of the day to all my USA friends. There was certainly a lot of stuffing around to put it mildly, folk discussing the importance of the turkey, the stuffing, the multitude of dishes prepared to compliment the meat, who would carve and how to do it successfully, which I assumed had something to do with not spilling your own blood during the carving.

It was the side dishes that intrigued me. One in particular, probably because I had never heard of it before, was a sweet potato pie with marshmallow topping. Now nowhere in my experience have I encountered those two things existing together. To make it all the more intriguing for me was that the sweet potato came in a can. Now around here the things are cheap in their natural form but I have promised myself that I will scour my supermarket shelves this morning to try and find canned sweet potato or yams whatever form I will be interested in discovering.

Here is an image of the said sweet potato pie baked to perfection by a really wonderful cook who for reasons of humility prefers to remain anonymous:


But I know the event is of great significance and I love that the tradition has been maintained even if many don’t actually like to eat turkey. It fascinates me that all the stuff we associate with special occasions during our year we hang on to fiercely in the name of tradition and we feel rightfully aggrieved if anyone suggests we change tradition.

In Australia we are more concerned with Christmas, its getting closer and the dreaded season of gift giving and increased stress dawns upon us once again. Though in my family we have stopped the once traditional Christmas lunch of a baked chicken, pork, lamb with every baked vegetable imaginable for much more practical cold meats and salads….we now have mothers who don’t look stuffed at Christmas lunch from hours slaving over a hot stove.

But I do hope your Thanksgiving weekend was all you dreamed of…..I am sure as you stuffed your chosen turkey you didn’t give a stuff what we in far off countries thought about it all. So having by now stuffed yourselves silly with Thanksgiving cheer you are feeling great that once again you gave a stuff and honoured your long-term tradition.

Have a good one.



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29 Responses to SoCS Nov. 28/15 – Giving a Stuff

  1. Nice post. I have never thought about mixing those two together either 🙂

  2. Thankfully, at the Canadian thanksgiving feast, held in early October, we eat our potatoes (white, yellow, red, blue or sweet) straight! No marshmallow shooter for us! That’s the stuff we’re made of!
    Enjoyed your stuff about stuff.

    • Thank you dear friend I have added a photo of the said pie for you to view…yes i know you Canadians are made of stern stuff…

      • The humble baker, I’m sure, is an excellent cook. The creation looks just like photographs I have seen in recipe books, and magazines. I won’t inquiry as to whether you found canned yams. . .
        I will continue to prefer my sweet potato as a baked veggie with butter or pesto.
        I suppose I should not vilify those who consume sweet potato pie. My husband’s mother made candied yams to go with the Thanksgiving who-beast. Another whole discussion thread could be started about those!
        And, confession time, my mother made jellied salads to be consumed as side dishes. They contained veggies and fruits, and I still have nightmares about the red and green ones for Christmas dinner . . .

  3. LindaGHill says:

    I can’t imagine marshmallows on potatoes, least of all with dinner – or is it a dessert? Funny how we all have close to the same traditions but yet they’re so personalized when you get to the details. Nice post, Michael. 🙂

  4. Traditions are fun.. Now it’s time for mulled wine, sweet saffron bread, and gingerbread… Goes well for first of Advent..

  5. Lee Mburu says:

    nice piece!

  6. Marshmallow topping? I can’t imagine that. I love trying new combinations.

  7. Pavowski says:

    The marshmallows-with-sweet-potatoes thing doesn’t really do it for me. Pretty overwhelming. But it is a very strange holiday; it really is pretty much all about the food.

  8. I can’t begin to imagine sweet potato with marshmallow, but I guess they are two sweets. I’m sure they gave a stuff 😉

  9. J Lapis says:

    Hi Michael! Now here’s the thing: if you’re going to do yams/sweet potatoes right, DON’T buy the cans. I buy the fresh ones, pre-bake them the night before till they’re squishy; next day, you take the skins off easily, put the yams/sp in a pan/dish–mash ’em a bit with a fork–dot with chunks of butter; then cover them with mini-marshmallows and bake till heated through, and the marshies are browned. Delish!! And you can eat the leftovers cold, if you want–so you won’t have to reheat the oven 🙂

  10. Susan says:

    Funny that we are getting you all stuffed with thanksgiving recipes. I gave up cooking and now my daughter does it all. I just help with her food bill. 🙂

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