Bonus Wordle #2 – Mansy Smythe


This week’s words to play with:

  1. Gnarler (via Yves)A little dog that by his barking alerts his people that there is a burglar inside the house.
  2. Chirping Merry (via Yves) Exhilarated with liquor.
  3. Jabber (via Yves) To talk thick and fast, sometimes to speak in a foreign tongue
  4. Gregorian Tree (via Yves) The gallows.
  5. Honey-peeler (via Yves) A person who manipulates through seduction. Honey-peel is the act of manipulation through seduction
  6. Lentamente (via Bastet) Italian for slowly.
  7. Muore (via Bastet) Italian for dies.
  8. Makisig (via Ladylee) Filipino for powerful and strong.
  9. Malakas (via Ladylee) Filipino for handsome.
  10. Lazulitopian (via J Lapis) “One who resides in a mental world of blue perfection; flourishing at optimal emotional, spiritual rest when surrounded, submerged in blue—all shades, all day and indigo night.”
  11. Moje Dziecko (via Pat) Polish for “My Baby”
  12. Nudnik (via Cressida) Yiddish for a pestering, nagging, or irritating person; a bore.

When Darcy and Gnarler walked down the street there wasn’t a person who didn’t admire the combination of dedication to duty that each showed the other. They had been together a long time and Darcy valued his little canine friends ability to sniff out trouble and deal effectively with it.

Their greatest test came the day they met Mansy Smythe the honey-peeler from the wrong side of the tracks. Mansy had a reputation that could best be described as a reputation. She had the gift of the gab; she could talk the hind leg off a dog and then some.

But Darcy and Gnarler were no pushovers. They knew all the tricks. It had become well known that Mansy could jabber like no one’s business. Blind you with verbal science, distract you from the task at hand and before long if she caught you in a bar you’d be chirping merry and putty in her hands.

But in Darcy and Gnarler’s town life was very lentamente and no one was ever in a hurry so it took a long time for anything to happen. Which also meant muore took a long time, which did help to explain the longevity of so many of the locals.

Mansy already had a victim lined up in her sights. The malakas Bruno Mercury a very makisig young man who attracted the eye of every young lass.

Bruno was a very lazulitopian young man, a little boy in blue when he was a toddler and now he was malakas and makisig all rolled up into one delectable ladies package. And he knew it as he strutted around the town in the matching lazulitopian suits and his lazulitopian suede shoes a leftover many felt from days gone by.

Mansy had done her homework on Bruno and saw him as little more than a nudnik as his entire conversation revolved around himself and his malakas. For few would dispute his malakas was impressive almost as big as his makisig.

After a good half hour of whispering moje dziecko in his ear Bruno was ready for the pickings.

Unfortunately for Mansy several others were keen to whisper moje dziecko in Bruno’s ear and later that night Bruno’s body was found beneath the Gregorian Tree in the centre of town.

Darcy and Gnarler arrived to take charge thinking it was fortuitous that the crime had been committed beneath the Gregorian tree as that was where the whole matter would soon be resolved.

Mansy was a suspect, but as always happened she had a solid alibi being found chirping merry under a table in the Lazulitopian Bar and Grill.

The search continued……

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17 Responses to Bonus Wordle #2 – Mansy Smythe

  1. J Lapis says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Bruno–with his matching Lazulitopian suit and suede shoes!!! And that there’s a bar and grill named for the Lazulitopians–wow, a delightful bonus. Thank you!!!

  2. Great job Michael, very clever use of the words and boy were these words tough!

    Mansy had a reputation that could best be described as a reputation lol Maybe next time they’ll catch her in the act

  3. Mansy one clever little cookie. You have become quite the master of the wordle my friend!

  4. wow, such a story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. cheers, Michael 🙂

  5. clothespeggedpat says:

    Another amazing tale using all those incredible wordles …. and fascinatingly clever as usual Michael – truly well done 🙂

  6. Poor Bruno! I hope the gnarler finds who-dun-it!

  7. mandy says:

    Sorry for Bruno- nudnik though he was. And lucky for magpie Mansy, being a chatterbox has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 😊

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