SoCS Nov. 14/15 – Indescribable


Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that within the blogging world that you are a person of some integrity and experience as a person of learning and discernment.

I am a fledgling writer and poet and I am seeking your opinion of my latest Poem – Dirt in the Toenails – published this week on my blog – I Wanna Be A Writer.

It is important to me to garner opinions from such folk as yourself as your thoughts can only enhance the credibility of myself as a writer. I am currently gathering a collection of my poems for publication and a self-published anthology tentatively entitled “Explorations within my Twisted Mind”.

I await your thoughts and if you could reply by tomorrow that would be great.

With anticipated thanks

Augustus Worthington.

Dear Mr Worthington

I wish I could say your poem is something to be described but I find after several readings it to be more in the indescribable range for me.

Now this could be a generational thing as I imagine I am several generations older than you but I do question this poem in this way:

What point are you trying to make?

Do you actually know what a literary convention is?

Who you think your audience is for a poem of this kind?

I do question the self-indulgence contained with in the lines:

I pick at you with my dinner fork

   But you refuse to budge

   So I shovel another piece of steak in

   As your very presence haunts my soul.

I’m not sure how ready the world is to read about your struggles, inner and allegedly outer over dirt in your toenails.

Nor do I think images such as:

   Infiltrating my life like a small African tribe

Might not be construed as a bordering on racism…

It is one argument to say that literature should challenge your audience but I find your work works more like a case of common assault upon my senses and for that alone you should be locked up and kept well away from any writing implements thus sparing us from any more drivel of the kind you have foisted upon me.

I hope this is constructive criticism and you will act accordingly by abandoning all and any ambitions towards being a writer of any sort.

Yours sincerely

William Hewitt PhD, MA (Hons) Professor of Classics Morpeth University.

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28 Responses to SoCS Nov. 14/15 – Indescribable

  1. J Lapis says:

    Wow, give ’em hell, Professor!

  2. Michael: I, too, will say a prayer for your friend. I hope she does well during surgery and afterwards. My thoughts are with you! (and your special friend).

  3. I like you playing the two sides and my thoughts are with your friend too. 😊

  4. LOL Michael. You are a very clever man.

  5. JoAnna says:

    Well, it doesn’t exactly mesh with my indescribably delicious post, but it is funny. 🙂 Peace and prayers to you and your friend.

  6. You sound like you are in a bit of bad mood.

  7. LindaGHill says:

    Oh I have so wanted to say this to a few people. I have to say, I love the bits of the poem you constructed.
    Best wishes to your friend. 🙂

  8. Hmm. Now I wish I had named my site: Fairy Dust under my Fingernails. It has a certain ring to it. Perhaps I should change it at once. LOL

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