Photo Challenge #85 November 3, 2015 – Illusion


Image: “Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo

At first you were beautiful

No words to describe how I felt

Your beauty shone through.

All the right words were spoken

Promises made, vows exchanged.

But it turned to an illusion

Your beauty faded

Your light extinguished

By constant disagreement

Love lost

Trust eroded

Vanished hope.

I watched you moving further away

Until you were untouchable

Anger, aggression and angst

Where once there was

Love, commitment and desire.

I saw you today in the street

A woman bent over, studying the pavement

Still ignorant of all around you

Grumbling to yourself

As you are the only one left

Who listens to you.

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8 Responses to Photo Challenge #85 November 3, 2015 – Illusion

  1. clothespeggedpat says:

    Another bold and heartfelt piece you’ve penned Michael 😀

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts to the photo prompt.

    The flow of this piece – a natural reflection that starts as a rushing stream of love newly discovered and shared, then the settling into pace, the rapids that break the spaces, roiling and tumultuous, ending with the flow away.

    Composed beauty eventually leading to decomposition – layers revealed in time.

    You’ve captured a very moving experience – sad yet the undercurrents of determination to move beyond the pain and hurt – to have learned something of value – in understanding – despite the circumstances – fortitude; in all death there are the seeds of new beginnings.

  2. I like the character sketch. That ending highlights the hopelessness in that person’s life. Sad.
    Well-penned. 🙂

  3. Incredible that in a few lines I feel that I know her.

  4. Bitter people, as you so eloquently write, shut themselves off from the world, and in doing so, hurt themselves more in the long run.
    You’ve captured the decomposing of a relationship and the exposing of truth of character behind our everyday papier-mâché masques.

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