Writing Prompt #131 “NoEnd House Part 9″ – In The Clutches Of Evil


This week the word to use is ‘penitent’.

I am so sorry,

Penitent, that I worried you so

Disappearing, missing in action.

It must have been agony for you

All those thoughts of me gone

Lost forever.

But I was caught in the clutches of an evil villain

Who terrorised, tortured and traumatised me.

I was held in his grasp for over twelve hours

Twelve miserable hours when time ceased to matter

Even though I knew you were close

I was unable to reach out

Let you know I was ok

Such was his grip on me

He strapped me down forced me to acquiesce

To his villainous wishes as every turn of resistance

Was met with savage retribution.

I was shown no mercy until he emptied my very soul

Of the will to get up from the abyss he cast me into

All the while I knew you’d be frantic

More so as your day came to a close

Your anxiety mounting

Fears of the worst

I managed a note

The relief obvious in your reply.

I am sorry to put you through such distress.

But I did not breath my last

I have struggle on

Determined to be here a little longer

If for no other reason than for you.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/writing-prompt-131-noend-house-part-9%E2%80%B3/

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15 Responses to Writing Prompt #131 “NoEnd House Part 9″ – In The Clutches Of Evil

  1. Glad you wrestled the evil villain for the keyboard, and got your message out!

  2. mandy says:

    I imagine it was a huge relief for the one worrying about you to know you were alive and well. And for you to have one who made you fight to survive those evil clutches. 🙂

  3. emptying the soul is such a haunting image, I am glad you pulled through Michael

  4. J Lapis says:

    This one hits close to home–well done as always, Michael; I shall have to come back and read through it again later today.

  5. clothespeggedpat says:

    This is a very powerfully evocative piece Michael – but I appreciate the ending – the strength in the words – the hope – reaching out … just lovely (okay, that may sound odd – but it is the word that best suits how I feel about this piece)

  6. Oliana says:

    Oh my what a struggle, Michael, but your rose above which does not surprise me. I like this style of conversation in this post. It makes it very poignant. When I saw the prompt I had an idea with the image but did not want to write with the word…not this week.

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