Mondays Finish the Story – Nov. 2nd. 2015 – Coins


Finish the story begins with:   “She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge.”

It all had to do with money and the fact that she didn’t have any. Her next meal was always an issue.

The welfare was her saviour. The various organisations around the town provided breakfast dinner and tea but none ever came forward with any permanent residence.

She kept her lucky coins in a small cloth bag tied to her waist and knew that if she ever got totally desperate they would help get her at least a feed.

Living under the bridge at the edge of town didn’t do much for her self esteem. She tried to keep herself clean but washing and cleaning came with the age old problem of cost.

In a winter that was colder than any could remember they found her under the bridge frozen to death.

In the brief investigation into her death there was much speculation as to how she came to possess two coins worth millions.


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40 Responses to Mondays Finish the Story – Nov. 2nd. 2015 – Coins

  1. How sad that she froze to death when she was worth millions! Of course, she had no idea (probably) how much her nickles were worth otherwise I think she would have had a home to live in rather than die homeless. Excellent story Michael! I really do feel sorry for the homeless and particularly so in the winter months.

  2. Graham Lawrence says:

    Great take on the prompt. Sad that she froze to death and a timely reminder as we approach winter in the northern Hemisphere.

  3. tnkerr says:

    I liked this story, almost a fable.

  4. ~nice story 🙂 Loved the twist at the end ^^

  5. Oliana says:

    Oh my what a story, Michael!! If only she had known. On the other hand, it is a sad reality we hear of every winter here, the cold IS a killer.

  6. Only too true, unfortunately.
    Sad tale well told.

  7. Shivangi says:

    Wow… The last line made my heart skip a beat… You outstandingly crafted the story…such poignance in so few words… Kudos!

  8. Sad … deep thoughts going through my mind. Very well written.

  9. Very sad but true for too many elderly people. Her little treasure tuned out to be real.

  10. Such a great message.

  11. J Lapis says:

    Oh my gosh, Michael–this ripped my heart out; and I’ve read True stories like it….it just kills me. So well written, I should say–I’m still reeling from the impact.

  12. Very sad story. If only she’d known…

  13. Susan says:

    Very good take on the prompt. It is sad and many of us are only one or two paychecks away from being homeless ourselves. The twist at the end was very good. 🙂

  14. Oh see that would make me mad, but sad to read of her demise. Well done Michael.

  15. There by the grace of God. Such a horrible place to find oneself. Well told!

  16. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    Enjoyed the twist at the end. I have to wonder did she know the value of the coins, did they have more worth to her than money? In the end it did not matter.

  17. justmaria says:

    This is so sad and deep. If only she knew…

  18. Kat Myrman says:

    Great ending…but so sad she never knew!

  19. It sounds like dementia might have figured in her life. It could be she had known at one time about the coins arnd forgotten. How sad, but all too true for far too many. Well done, Michael. — Suzanne

  20. rogershipp says:

    So sad!!!! What a last meal she could have had! Well done!

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