Music Prompt #12: “Clumsy” performed by Our Lady Peace – Clumsy

Oops, bump

Crash graze,

Slip slide

Fall down.


I pick you up once again

It’s becoming a part of our every day

You’ve even begun to curse under your breath

The frustration apparent

As you allow me to lift you back onto the lounge.

You’ve begun those statements

The ones I never wanted to hear

‘I’m useless’

‘Put me away’

‘Put me down’

‘We are all clumsy babe,’ I say

‘You’re just a bit more than most.’

Making light doesn’t cut it when ever step

Is prefaced by a terror of being your last.

You grimace at me, you know I am here

But I see the dark clouds hovering ever closer

As the falling increases and the standing diminishes.

We know it’s a matter of time

Every diagnosis tells us that

But we hang on to what we have

Every minute with you a blessing.

We find humour in what we do

At times our clumsiness makes us both laugh.

Slippin’ and slidin’ its what we do

Rockin’ and rollin’ is who we are

Droppin’ and stoppin’ is NOT who we are

Tomorrow is a long way off

When each second of the now

Is precious beyond words.

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28 Responses to Music Prompt #12: “Clumsy” performed by Our Lady Peace – Clumsy

  1. Nicely done, Sir Michael. Love OLP. 🙂

  2. Finding humor in everything we do. I like that. 🙂

  3. Kind of bittersweet, this. Something confusing is up with my “follows”–so I’ve re-followed you…it’s always something, isn’t it?!! Anyway, here’s the link to the first of your recipes:

  4. J Lapis says:

    Here’s the link to the first of your recipes, Michael. I seem to be having confusion with Follows…so I don’t know what happened to the comment and link I left earlier….
    I said that this seemed a bittersweet post, and of course–lovely 🙂

  5. Droppin and stoppin is not who we are, good strong line that covers many areas of life. Sings always look on the bright side…☺️

  6. mandy says:

    Poignant piece, Michael. Everyone lives with that dread of not only losing control, but being a burden to others. This piece shows what true love looks like.

  7. clothespeggedpat says:

    this is a fascinating response to the music prompt Michael – and I like how you have interpreted it – in way that is perhaps less “dark” than the original. You have taken the essence and spun it in fashion that reflects the difficulties of life and ongoing battles with diseases and the emotional trauma it creates, for all involved – and shown that patience, love and humour are often the best balms in such difficult times.

    Sensitively written 🙂

  8. Moving and beautifully written, Michael. So sad but such an affirmation of love at the same time.

  9. The Real Cie says:

    Makes me think of my father, who will be gone five years this November 28. He had a major hemorrhagic stroke on June 6 2004. For a few years he was able to get around using a cane or a walker. He had another stroke which caused him to fall and tear his quadricep muscle. He was wheel chair bound after that, and then his cognition started declining due to vascular dementia.
    My father’s health problems took a toll on the entire family, but particularly on my mother.

    peppersfetch dot blogspot dot com

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