SoCS Oct 10/15 – ‘ing


The first word of your post must end in the letters “ing.” Extra points if the final word of the post does too.

Singing was something I always enjoyed though I could never say I was good at it.

I sang in the school choir, I did a few solos; I sang a duet or two as well.

When I began teaching I worked in a school in the bush where we didn’t have a music teacher and so music was either not taught or someone was given a music class and a bunch of old vinyl records to play.

I decided I would put on a musical and so I wrote a short play and in order to hasten the teaching of the songs I ‘borrowed’ melodies from radio songs that were popular at the time. My theory was that was an easy way to teach the songs thinking they already knew the melodies.

It went well and so I got a bit adventurous and wrote some original songs for the next one and so took on the teaching of song.

Kids love to sing. The shows were a lot of fun and when I moved to a bigger school with a music teacher we went from strength to strength with longer shows and most importantly an orchestra as opposed to a few friends who could play a few instruments.

My biggest moment came with the production of a show that took me a year to write and develop but it was a great success in the school I worked in at that time. Kids responded well to the story, the actors worked hard and the band played with great expertise.

Singing was enjoyable but always a great challenge to kids who didn’t feel confident. Our leading lady was a wonderful actress but she lacked confidence in her singing so we fudged her singing as best we could. She had one main song in the play and we attached our best singers to her, as back up singers, so when she was singing so were they.

We got away with it and she was happy, we were happy and the show a great success.

Singing always makes us happy campers. We all are concert standard when we are in the shower or home alone and belting out a favourite track that is playing.

I think that no matter what age you are there is always and will always be magic in exercising your vocal chords in some good old fashioned singing.

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22 Responses to SoCS Oct 10/15 – ‘ing

  1. Lyn says:

    I can appreciate the enjoyment of singing. I’m grateful the Bible says, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” and not, “sing like Pavarotti or Dame Joan.” 😀

  2. J Lapis says:

    Very cool to learn this about you, Michael! I really can’t sing a lick, so will never make it into Heaven’s choir–but since I live alone, I can sing whenever and however badly I want to (usually get the words totally wrong!).

    • Thanks J, I may have heard you as I wandered by….and you are right home alone you can sing whatever and however you want…..

      • J Lapis says:

        Hope you’re doing well today 🙂

      • Every day is a good day J. I got vertical this morning, went for a walk and discovered I was loved again today….how much better can I get…?

      • J Lapis says:

        Ohhh that does sound like a good day, friend. I pushed myself to go out today also–took a bus to the library, lovely drive with the fall colors, got some movies and books–and spoke with a nice young man recently moved here from out of state: I asked about the tattoos on the back of his head/neck–and he teasingly asked if I was thinking of getting one!! What a laugh!! Then I stopped at the store to get Chinese take-out (“take away” maybe to you). Good day, yes–expecting a storm tomorrow…

  3. LindaGHill says:

    In the car! That’s where I do my best singing 🙂 Sounds like quite a project to take on, writing music for a group of school kids. I can’t even imagine how much work that must have been. Well done on the prompt, my dear. Extra points for you! 😀

  4. herheadache says:

    I know when I am comfortable with someone, friend or family or partner, when I feel comfortable singing around that person.

    Great choice for this week’s prompt.

  5. I am impressed that you challenged yourself in order to broaden the minds of all your students. Music is such an amazing gift.

  6. Great story Michael. I played Jugger Cragan in a production of Carousel and couldn’t sing a note. The director had a great chorus behind and I spoke the words. The song was Blow High Blow Low. It had a sinister note that everyone loved. I am impressed with your handling of the situation.

  7. What we are scared of are often greatest achievements. Sing away my friend..I’m sure you can – good story.

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