SoCS Sept 26/15 – Eat


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “-eat.”  Use the word “eat” or add letters to it to make a different word. Don’t cheat!

I will beat you and I wont cheat you.

Go on then give it a try. But be warned I’ll eat you up.

Promises promises….

You have a death wish don’t you.

I have a wish to be the one on top.

You have to earn that privilege.

I will unseat you in a very short time.

You’ll try. I’m unseatable and unbeatable.

You are such a challenge.

You think mastering me is such a feat don’t you.

Well it is if I am to unseat you.

Well the heat is on isn’t it?

Yes it is and I am up for any challenge you send my way for I shall wear my best pleated skirt to assist me.


You’ll be mesmerised by the pleats, it will be a treat beyond all treats.

I think you are talking gibberish.

Yes but unseating gibberish you can’t deny.

I think on the way home I’ll sit in the back seat, you are getting dangerous.

Are you suggesting I am mistreating you?


What if I flash my teat?

You wouldn’t!

I just might, for it’s a good teat to treat you with.

I’ll report you for…for…

For what? Teat abuse?

No never that.

Then what?

My ensuring defeat.

Yes I see you are beaten again.

Yes I get like that.

You have been beaten by my feat of unseating you and now you need to make a hasty retreat.

Something like that.

Cup of tea?



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7 Responses to SoCS Sept 26/15 – Eat

  1. You can’t beat tea mate.

  2. That’s set the bar for today. Challenge accepted.

  3. Quite a tongue twister when you say it fast..flashing teats indeed Michael!

  4. Had me with pleat the comes teat. Nice job

  5. LindaGHill says:

    Haha! Nothing better than using a pleated skirt as a weapon! Nicely done, Michael. 😀

  6. Oliana says:

    Wow!!! I laughed out loud s few times. But how you did splendidly with the prompt “eat” and was inverting the letters your planned finale “tea”??? Truly enjoyed this post, Michael!

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