Music Friday Prompt #10 “Freedom for the Stallions” – Priceless

Freedom he says is priceless

Looking up from his coffee

Licking his lips he remembers

Shudders at the memory

Turns away from the past

Looks out into a future

Unsure what it holds

But it will be better than

Where he has come from.

He sits with an old school friend

She is concerned he harbours such pain

She asks the question, is it worth it?

He has no doubt it is

He relates his latest round

Of punches, slaps, insults

Attacks on his manhood

His shortcoming as a husband

Designed to make him worthless.

After fifteen years he is still alone

It’s better than what he had

But there is an emptiness

Living alone has its advantages

But the longing to find a mate

Nags at his consciousness

He looks about but no one notices

His aimless wanderings

His confidence shot to pieces.

Writing is his saviour in dark times

Penning words to justify his existence

Forging images of better times, dreams and desires.

The girl with grey bangs looks across and notices

Sees something so many have missed

She longs for him to notice her,

Tentative overtures begin, not wishing to intrude.

One word leads to another, he hears a laugh

Feels there is a lasting connection.

Freedom comes at a price he knows

Some bits are damaged as you struggle free

Can they be repaired he wonders?

The girl with grey bangs is also broken

But is brave, courageous, passionate

She shows him a path, a way to go

He can feel again, laugh freely

He awakens each day to hope.

Her smile flashes across his mind.

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7 Responses to Music Friday Prompt #10 “Freedom for the Stallions” – Priceless

  1. Lyn says:

    The saying goes: while there is life there is hope. I hope for him, the memory of her smile will not be a mere memory, but a reality.

  2. I like what you have done with the prompt. Your poem shows the possibility of movement and change but only if makes that choice. Brilliant response 🙂

  3. Sometimes 2 broken parts can be glued together through suffering similar circumstances. I hope they find each other and can be together so they can both be happy.

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