Photo Challenge #74, Mortal, August 18, 2015 – Tell Tale Evidence


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The first time hitting the wall shocked me

The second time hitting the wall stunned me

The third time hitting the wall I knew I was in trouble.

I have never known such anger

Even though ire was a way of life

Within the walls of our pretentious home.

It’s true what they say about people’s homes

None of us know what goes on behind front doors

We prefer to pretend an idyllic world.

But mine was far from perceived perfection

A well kept yard, well kept children

Well-kept house in a well-kept street.

But across the threshold rules abounded

Jobs were randomly allocated as if on whim

Mine were the ones the other thought below her.

So finding myself staring into the eyes of lunacy

Terrified me as I knew the potential,

But never thought control could be lost as it was.

Hands up, protecting your face, leaves you vulnerable

Attack from the front, bashing and bashing

The screaming, the torment, the ridicule unabated.

Children hide in bedrooms huddled together

Their personal agony revisited yet again

As blow rained down upon blow.

After I sit against the wall a bloodied mess

But my sacrifice saved a child tonight

My wounds will heal, but I worry about theirs.

While the monster rests exhausted from her tirade

I dress my wounds, hiding all tell tale evidence,

Shower and put on a new face to address a new day.

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21 Responses to Photo Challenge #74, Mortal, August 18, 2015 – Tell Tale Evidence

  1. sonicseaweed says:

    Perhaps unfortunately this seemed very real, and sounded like the _almost_ romanticized version the hero would have told. Very good work.

  2. This was a powerful piece Michael, I agree with baldy it was very realistic I almost felt the blows

  3. phlor says:

    The destructive anger of someone in your life causes so much pain — physically and emotionally. The façade of perfectness can hide the ugly truth of abuse and uncontrolled anger.
    You have captured the emotional blows, the physical lashing out.
    “But my sacrifice saved a child tonight
    My wounds will heal, but I worry about theirs.
    While the monster rests exhausted from her tirade
    I dress my wounds, hiding all tell tale evidence,
    Shower and put on a new face to address a new day.”
    To sacrifice your own safety for your children shows how you are the best parent a child can have.
    So emotional and beautifully written.

  4. mandy says:

    Acute, tactual images that may trigger terrible memories of past and/or present abusive situations for those who’ve experience it. It’s rare that the abuser receives pay-back for the damage they’ve inflicted. This piece is an ideation that many abused people have thought about. I’ve never read anything that captures, in such explicit accuracy, the public facade that covers so much of the private despair out there. This is a wonderful piece, Michael.

  5. Valida Faire says:

    If it is true, as it sounds it may be, I am oh-so sorry. What hideous worlds often precariously move behind those perfect doors. Though my upbringing didn’t include physical violence, all the rest described here applies.

  6. mj6969 says:

    A very moving and struggled filled piece – that does shed the harsh critical light on domestic violence – and how so often, we only hear about the women as victims. The truth is – although the percentage is really low in comparison – not that it should have relevance of baring on what I write next – is that men offer suffer terrible abuse in these situations as well. It can be so difficult to own that – much less speak up about it – which is why the statistics for domestic violence against men are skewed.

    This piece reflects an emotional depth and scrutiny that is uncomfortable for so many – but it is a powerfully and sensitively written piece. You have written well and with heart and feeling Michael. And the idea of suffering at one’s expense in order to spare children the actual physical abuse is poignant. Unfortunately, the unseen scars can linger – but hopefully with time, understanding, and genuine love and compassion, they too can fade to distant memories, not buried, but as lessons learned about value, worth, respect, self-love and control – and real love.

    Great piece Michael 🙂

  7. Very graphic and realistically written.

  8. afairymind says:

    An incredibly powerful piece, Michael. You portray the horrors – physical and emotional – of an abusive relationship really well.

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