Tale Weaver 12: It’s documentary, my dear Watson. – May Cook


Police Report: May 4th 1926

The body of May Cook was discovered lying in long grass behind the butcher shop in the High Street. It would appear Miss Cook had been killed by a blow to her head.

Newspaper Report: The Edgeworth Times May 5th 1926

Local Girl found Murdered.

May Cook daughter of the renowned town Mayor, Robert Cook, was found this morning lying face down behind Turks Butcher shop.

Miss Cook was last seen the evening before leaving the Dance Hall after partaking in the weekly dance lessons run by the Town Two Step Society. A spokesman for the Dance Society said Miss Cook was a regular participant and was beginning to shine as a dance student attracting the attention of many of the more experienced dancers.

Police anticipate an arrest in the near future.

Diary: May Cook May 3rd 1926

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s dance class. We are learning the mambo and Harry Glass has asked to be my partner. Harry is an excellent dancer and real likeable man.

I think I’ll wear my pink-ribboned dress, as I want to impress Harry who is the most likeable of all men at the Dance Class..

Email: Terrence Cook to Virginia Pearon Private Investigator. April 23 2015

Dear Miss Pearon, in relation of our recent emails re: the mystery surrounding the death of my Great Aunt May Cook it has been a month since I heard back from you. Are you able to reveal any more knowledge as to the circumstances of this mystery that has haunted our family all these years?

With Thanks

Terry Cook

Email: Virginia Pearon to Terrence Cook

Mr Cook,

Sorry for the delay but it has been slow going pouring through the archives to unearth anything substantial in regard to your Great Aunt’s death.

Most of the records from the twenties have been digitalised and are accessible but they are not complete.

From my investigation there seems to have been some interference perhaps a cover up during the initial investigations. Documents which should be there are not….I am sorry to say that there are a lot of blanks in this case.

For example we know that photos were taken of May’s dead body as there are notes to that effect but no print is contained in the records.

The best clues have come from May’s own diary, which has been preserved in its entirety.

In the diary she makes mention on at least eight occasions of an attraction to Harry Glass and I would think he would be a suspect.

Sadly Harry died in 1998 and so cannot be interviewed but police records at the time exonerated him from any involvement.

I did look into Harry’s life and came across a cousin who was prepared to be interviewed. This was one Audrey Burgess who was some ten years younger than Harry and was able to tell me quite a lot about Harry.

What Aubrey remembered from Harry was that Harry carried a flame for May throughout his life but would never be drawn on the circumstances of May’s death. Aubrey always suspected that Harry knew more about May’s death than he ever let on.

Then as I was wrapping up my investigations I discovered a letter from May to Harry. I enclose it as it does shed some light on the relationship between the two:

Letter: May Cook to Mr Harry Glass

Dear Harry,

The plans you discussed as to our elopement sound wonderful to me.

I will be ready at 8 pm at the previously agreed meeting place.

My heart races in anticipation.

I pray my father does not discover our plan.

Yours in anticipation of a life of love and happiness



May’s father was never suspected as far as I can ascertain but I would think he would be a prime suspect in this case.

There is an entry in the social pages of the Edgeworth Times mentioning the proposed engagement of Miss May Cook to Arthur Titcombe.

This might explain the elopement.

Arthur Titcombe as far as I can see was never implicated either.

May’s father William Cook was the town mayor at the time of her death.

I fear Mr Cook that much of the evidence of merit in this case was swept away thus rendering it impossible with any certainty to discover evidence of an obvious culprit.

I am sorry I could not provide you with the closure you sought in this case.

Yours sincerely

Virginia Pearon, Private Investigator.

Letter: Dated May 6th 1926 (found in the attic of the old family home)

My Dear Aunt Julia,

You have no doubt become aware of the terrible and shocking events of late in Edgeworth. My cousin May has been savagely murdered and her body dumped behind the butchers shop.

We are all in shock as to why and how this could have happened.

Uncle William has been in such a rage since the day of the discovery.

Aunt Anne has not stopped crying.

May was loved and treasured in our community.

As to who did this heinous crime I can not be certain only that Uncle William

had a bloodstain on his cuff the morning of May’s death. I saw it and he saw I saw it. He quickly pulled his coat sleeve over the offending spot and nothing was said of it.

I did raise the issue with Aunt Anne who said he no doubt got the spot on his cuff when he held his daughter’s body.

Uncle William is a shady character and I suspect he knows more than he is letting on but I am bound my family confidence in this matter.

I am sure in time the truth will emerge.

Hoping you are well Aunt Julia

Your devoted niece



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20 Responses to Tale Weaver 12: It’s documentary, my dear Watson. – May Cook

  1. phylor says:

    Absolutely documentary! Great story, and told through so many types of documents! Tweet: Read May Cook u will (heart) it.

  2. mj6969 says:

    Brilliantly well done Michael – and I enjoyed how you so adeptly adapted your story to travel us back and forth in time, combining the old and new. A mystery to boot! Great job 😀

  3. afairymind says:

    I really like this. I love how you weave the story around all the different documents from the different years. 🙂 Brilliant story.

  4. Ady says:

    I am so thrilled !!!!! It’s a amazing story Michael 😀 I love mystery stories and the setup for this one was amazing , combining two eras 🙂 looking forward to more ❤
    Btw, Michel, if you have written mystery stories before can you tell me how to find them in your blog ?

    • Hi Ady, thank you for that lovely comment.
      I think that you will find my blog is a hotch potch of stories. I have a lot of fairy tale responses as Friday, my time, is the fairy tale prompt. This story you have read is a response to phylor’s prompt. I enjoy the challenge of the tale weaver and next week is my turn to post the challenge…..it will be to do with heroes……so I’m not sure if that answers your question or not…..I like to turn my hand at whatever challenge I set myself…….

      • Ady says:

        I love fairy tales too !!! I will be checking them out real soon 😀 😀 Am so glad to have met you 🙂 Thank you for sharing your stories 😀

      • Thank you for your interest. My artist son and I are going to try and collaborate in getting some of my fairy tales published, he is going to try and create some illustrations…..have a good day….

      • Ady says:

        Wow !! Good luck for new ventures 🙂

  5. Another great one. I’m do glad you’re now in my Bloglovin. I’m annoyed I didn’t get around to it sooner, but hopefully you will forgive me and believe in the better late than never route 🙂

  6. RoSy says:

    ID (Investigation Discovery) tv is my favorite channel.
    Reading this feels like I’m watching a case on ID tv.

  7. shail says:

    I like the format you have used, the different letters from which the readers can solve the crime themselves.

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