SoCS March 21/15 – “I/eye/aye.”


Badge by the Doobster.

All those in favour?


Those against?



How many times have you heard that.

Then again you would also be well aware of an eye for an eye. That sense of biblical retribution for some perceived crime or misdemeanour.

I am not sure of the state of my stream of consciousness, then again you may well argue it is often missing in action, if in fact it ever existed at all.

So I shall ramble as I can, my eye is in, that’s a cricket term, sorry but the World Cup of Cricket is on at present and last night Australia beat Pakistan. Today New Zealand play the West Indies, all attention on the TV as today’s game will be a good one and I hope close.

Writing in first person singular is always going to give a very subjective view of any situation but then again that’s the point isn’t it. I am sure you have as many opinions as me on most situations you come across. Just pick up your daily paper either in hard copy or on the net and there will be a multitude of things your mind will have an opinion on. Your subjectivity will be yours and its something you are entitled to hang on to.


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9 Responses to SoCS March 21/15 – “I/eye/aye.”

  1. Lyn says:

    Cricket was sweet last night 🙂 I’m not sure which team I’d like to see win today…maybe West Indies by a just a hairs breadth. It should be close either way.

  2. All my books are first person present tense. Am I crazy or what? I liked the stream here. It was almost like being in the room as you spoke out loud. I don’t understand Cricket but wish total enjoyment for you.

  3. Glazed says:

    I agree with your opinion about opinions. And I like opinions I can learn from, even when I disagree. I enjoyed the read, and hope your cricket team won.

    • My team did win, next Thursday is their semi final.
      All the women in my life have applauded my right to an opinion before giving me the opinion they thought I should have.
      Thanks so much for your opinion.

  4. I did not know aye was a Cricket term. What does it mean?

  5. Oh I may have misspelled it. You were saying shall I ramble on, my eye is in, that’s a Cricket term..

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