Monday Wordle # 46 – February 2, 2015 – Road Trip


This week’s words: Blustery (bragging or windy) Warmth Grind Foam Nutmeg Cocoa Wool Imprint Refractive Nacreous (resembling mother of pearl) Retro Sip

It was to be a road trip like no other. Janice sat in the passenger seat eager beaver that she was to experience the road ahead of them. Outside a blustery southerly blew straight off the Antarctic and she was glad for the warmth of the car’s heater.

Janice loved road trips, she got to sit back and give orders, read the GPS and make numerous suggestions as to where they might venture at any time of the day. She was also extremely good at whinging, which she practiced several times a day much to Phil’s growing frustrations as the day went on. Her whinges were mainly to do with Phil’s driving too slow, her own hunger, her need for a toilet and that Phil was on the nose and why did she ever marry him.

Despite all of Janice’s failings there was one thing that he loved about her. She could cook and she could make a mind-blowing cup of cocoa with just the right amount of nutmeg sprinkled on top. Phil loved nutmeg and it was something he lived for each morning. The thought of sipping on the next cup that would come his way was enough for him to forget the trials of any one-day travelling the highways with her. Janice knew well and truly which of Phil’s buttons to push.

On the second morning and doing the required speed limit of 110k/h Janice suddenly looked up from the GPS and shouted to turn left, turn left NOW!

Phil heaved the wheel as best he could narrowly avoiding a bus load of retro dressed senior citizens on a day trip to the nacre display at the same place they were both now heading. Phil had a sudden agonising vision imprinted on is mind of the bus being found in a ditch after his car had ploughed into it but as fate would have it he narrowly missed much to the relief of all concerned.

Within minutes they were at the beach, the seas where heavy with foam and it was in moments such as these that Phil realised how much he loved this life away from the daily grind of the office and city traffic.

They pulled up in front of the most oddly named place he had ever seen: the Museum of Nacreous Objects. They went in, paid their money and were soon caught up in the amazing sight of the colours and the magic of how the shapes of the shells refracted the light in such ways that you were soon mesmerised by the wonder of it all. This was especially obvious when you viewed the nacre through a small spyglass that the museum had for the use of visitors.

Janice was a bit of a souvenir person and before they departed she had a lovely shell, which she kept showing to Phil and remarking about the refraction that took place and assuring him she would buy a spyglass as soon as she could.

With the wind still blustering to a gale the afternoon became colder urging Janice to pop on a woollen jumper. Then settled once again in the passenger seat she set about finding a suitable place for them to stop for the night while Phil began dreaming of the next cup of Janice’s cocoa coming his way.

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13 Responses to Monday Wordle # 46 – February 2, 2015 – Road Trip

  1. Enjoy your cup of cocoa, Michael! 🙂

  2. julespaige says:

    A fun read. I hope though that I provide my hubby with more than a good cup of cocoa and nutmeg. 😉

  3. What a delight and I loved loved the name of the museum! Such a museum should have mystical magical items hidden it

  4. I was on that bus! Only kidding, a delightful bit of writing. Loved the pace and the vivid descriptions

  5. mj6969 says:

    Wonderful story-telling here Michael. A delight to read – and I love the way you seamlessly incorporated the wordles – er – words of the wordles? It’s fun when you even forget it’s a wordle 😉

  6. phylor says:

    I’ll have the cocoa but without Janice and nutmeg. Great weaving of wordles into the story! Another wonderfully told story!

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