Photo Prompt #45 – Lily Pad – January 27, 2015


Image: Kylli Sparre

You thought you could silence me?

Such a dreamer.

Even in death I will be heard.

See me,

Hear me

No longer the cruel

Heartless bitch you saw.

I am afloat


Basking on a pond of tranquillity.

My body you have destroyed

But my spirit


It will haunt your days

Torment your nights

Your taunts, terrors

Will not be unanswered.

My memory will live on

A spectre


Awaiting the moment

For your twisted mind

To be preyed upon.

You have much to fear.

Have a nice day!

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9 Responses to Photo Prompt #45 – Lily Pad – January 27, 2015

  1. mandy smith says:

    I know so many people who could have written those words, Michael. 😮

  2. Intense Michael! Powerful

  3. I can see hand rubbing together whilst these words are said. Venomous write Michael ☺️

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