SoCS January 17/15 – Heal


Image: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions

This week’s prompt: ‘heel/heal’

As you get older the healing process slows down, cuts, scratches and abrasions just take a bit longer to heal. The physical will always heal eventually it’s the psychological that take a life time if you are lucky.

I have been told on numerous occasions I should let my past go and for the most part I think I have but some things are ‘festering sores’ you think they are under control and they suddenly break out rising to the surface and taking all attention and activity.

When this happens I now days know and I’m aware and for the most part I am able to control how I feel.

So often I have sat and tried to analyse why this happens to me and I think I know the answer. For no matter how much time goes by, how much talking goes on, how many resolutions are reached there remains one lingering sore within my psyche.

Never has one of my perpetrators said sorry. They are not the sort of people to do that. I know that, but it gnaws at me that they can’t see past their own precious world. Rather they still see most things as my fault. They will never see their role and responsibility as other than centred on themselves.

Now I will never exonerate myself from all blame, relationships succeed on the backs of the two people involved and I am far from perfect. In the day to day I accept I can be difficult and often disappear off with the fairies.

But I have grown to understand the person I am.

I have also grown to understand the need for others to take me as I am. My children do, they are wonderful examples of tolerance, they are also experts at requesting my help and assistance when they need it but I am happy doing that because they express gratitude.

As I age I am aware of this ‘sore’ within me but I don’t intend for it to rule my life.

It may never heal but I now know how to treat it.

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19 Responses to SoCS January 17/15 – Heal

  1. LindaGHill says:

    As they say, knowing there’s a problem is half the battle. I do believe that as we age we become more aware of what we’re all about. The wisdom to accept it and then do something about it is what sets us apart from those who will never change.

  2. Hope Floats says:

    Being understood and appreciated for who you are is such a luxury. Even it is only one person…lucky if it is more. I also feel blessed in that way with Husband and kids who love me as I am. Many people don’t have that. 🙂

  3. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this post, Michael. Many times my head was bobbing and I think some wounds heal differently, you are right, when those persons have not apologized…I do believe we heal but some scars are more fragile than others.

  4. A beautifully honest post.

  5. A thought provoking post. I find I do most of the apologizing since it seems the better path. Not that I am always at fault but it does take two to tango.

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