Challenge 2015 Week 3: 15 January Mr Manygold


Prompt title:

‘Things we cannot control’

Mr Manygold was a man of habit. Routine sat well with him. He liked his life, he always knew where everything was, he was in control of how things were done. He liked his numbers, his ledgers, his way of doing things, which in his opinion had worked perfectly well for the past fifty years.

Routine was a sad reality in his life. Mrs Manygold after five years of marriage didn’t balance any longer and so she was moved on. That’s how he saw life.

So when the company announced a move to computers Mr Manygold dutifully attended the courses, practiced all he had learned and become reasonable proficient.

But Mr Manygold was unhappy. Computerised ledgers would never replace the handwritten ones of his past. He began to feel out of balance and he knew that change was inevitable. Mr Manygold knew when to accept that which he knew he could never control.

It was time he thought as he packed up his desk for the last time for new routines, new habits and they would not be found in the workplace.

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10 Responses to Challenge 2015 Week 3: 15 January Mr Manygold

  1. Jez Farmer says:

    i can’t help but relate to Mr Manygold’s feelings here, I felt the same when moving from pen and ink to keyboard for writing. However a blank screen is as frustrating as a blank piece of paper so somethings never change.

    Nice take on the prompt


  2. JackieP says:

    At least Mr Manygold knew when to move on. Good story Michael.

  3. Technology can affect the best of us. Poor Mr. M, at least he decided to make a move for hopefully bigger and better.

  4. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    thought for a moment someone was going to pack off Mr Moneygold after he could not adapt to computers – you let him off lightly but am intrigued as to what happens next. p.s. your writing has the light touch of a Thurber

    • Part of writing any story is to try and be something unpredictable.
      My other aim is often to attempt to entertain my readers, you might see if you look at my dream weaver piece.
      Thank you for your comment I enjoy reading your perspective on my writing.

  5. This made me think of all the changes we have had to face in our lifetimes…the letting go of the past. A little sad but resilience is a good predictor of successful aging.

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