Prompt # 84 – Soap Opera – December 7th 2014 – The Last Word


The coffee pot perked as coffee pots do

The morning sunlight found its way

In between the swaying gums

The phone had been silent for a full half hour

And must have been feeling its own sense of neglect.

The man, square jawed as all real men are

Entered and sat, stared at the coffee

Ignored the morning sun

Looked at the phone, then his watch

Fiddled with his cuff, looked out the window.

A woman tall and refined swirled into the room

Her gown sparkling with diamantes

Her delicate feet covered in fine Arctic fur

She glanced at the man, curled her lip

‘The cad, she thought is still here.

The man takes a coffee, sips it, his mind elsewhere

His secretary awaits, a young buxom lass

She will wait upon his every wish.

He visualises his lunch rendezvous

Her naked form within his hands.

The woman and her diamantes swan around the room

She calls the man for all he is

Bastard, liar, cheat, womaniser

Tears swell in her eyes, trickle down her cheeks

I gave you my best years, my best years.

Your best is past you, you no longer excite me

Your constant nagging, perennial whinging

Has worn me down, I am not appreciated

You should worship me for all I have given you

Cared for your appearance, kept this house in order.

She turns in profile, she is still strikingly beautiful

In close up she reminds him of his wedding vows

Of the promise to her father to care for her

That he has a debt to daddy, owes him big

I’ll take you for every cent and more.

Do your worst he says in equal profile

His jaw highlighted by the suns golden rays

I have found a love, a one true love

She treats me as a man, loves me as a woman

Pity you never found the time to do either.

With deadly change her stance is silhouetted

Her words are spat with spiteful venom

His manhood she attacks, his worth she belittles

Does he now take one or two blue tabs at night?

She watches as he squirms under her tirade.

He returns her rage decries her frigidity

Her pretended pleasure, her lack of intent.

They stand face to face; hate oozes from their eyes

They scream into each other, determined for the last word.

I move myself to the edge of my seat.

I have watched this troubled couple each day

Engaging in banter dishonouring and discrediting

But at the last moment their animal instincts

Throw them together, like wild beasts taking their fill

As credits roll they lie sweaty and plan their next foray.

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15 Responses to Prompt # 84 – Soap Opera – December 7th 2014 – The Last Word

  1. You have painted a very dramatic scene and the characters are perfect for this exercise! Is this based on a actual soap opera?

    • It’s based on many I have fleetingly seen.
      Hope your move has gone ok?

      • Exhausted already haha We have started it was so exciting to put those first few items away (I cannot wait to live there), we have had to shop a lot as well. Light fixtures for one, while the previous owners left us several light fixtures we had to buy 10 more! We only had 1 which seems ridiculous when I think of it but the lights were already present in our apartment. We had to buy shower curtains and such you know this and that. One of Sam’s sisters gave us a very generous amount of money which we will use to buy either a sofa bed or a daybed because soon Isadora will want to have sleepovers and well my mom is thinking of visiting in the near future. We need chairs but chairs will have to wait, I admit we have put off chairs for about 14 years for quite a while we used a low Japanese table and didn’t bother with chairs but older relatives not so keen on that. We need to buy a dryer as well. We have so much kitchen stuff, you’d think we were professional chefs. The new kitchen is bright and open and has many cabinets but I fear we may still have to use the dining table for storage because it is the one room we have an excess of stuff. Sam does a lot of cooking so. The previous owners left all the curtain rods and some nice blinds (we don’t own curtains yet but hey), the left us a garden hose, a washer, 2 fridges and 2 freezers, shoe racks, hat racks, a lawnmower! So very nice

      • Moving house is never easy. It’s more than shifting stuff but sounds like you have something’s to get started with. Good luck.

      • It is the layout of the space is different. I have adapted things to fit this tiny apartment in the best way possible and now it is whole new set of variables, measurements, layouts. The house has a lot of closets but I think it will mean our clothes are spread out over multiple rooms. I have dreamed of a catalog beautiful kitchen but we cook too much so I am thinking of getting some industrial metal book cases and going for the professional functional look instead. We will be able to separate the living room from the hobby room and from my exercise equipment so the living room can be pretty for once lol

  2. Bastet says:

    Wonderfully done .. you’d think you were a soap opera buff!

  3. JackieP says:

    HM, yes, like every other soap opera out there. You just need to watch bits and pieces and you got the whole gist of it. lol
    Well done Michael, just don’t get hooked on those soap operas. 😉

  4. phylor says:

    Perhaps you should seek employment writing scripts for soap operas! Do you know why these dramas are called soap operas? I do, but I’ll let you guess or explain first. And a first rate story!

    • The original programs were sponsored by soap companies.
      We used to play a series of drama games where you had to perform in the style of soap opera. It was great fun.
      The language of soap opera also borders on absurdism a favourite of mine as well.
      Thanks so much for your great comment.

  5. What a hoot reading this…soap operas are more fun to write about I think and poke fun at:)

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