MTB– The things we see – Silent Sentinel.


Standing sentinel

In my ancient yard

Your rustic metal frame

Sturdy, designed to last,

Friendly in appearance, but,

Needing a cushion or two

For your seat is rock hard

No compromise in that respect.

What are you seeing?

The cattle graze endlessly

The lurking bull awaiting his chance

When pheromones permit action.

The beauty of new life,

Calves prancing and dancing

The distress of the mothers

Their plaintive lowing

When their calves are taken.

You acknowledge

The ducks on the pond,

The water hens

The prowling hawk

As he swoops along the creek

The snakes that slither silently

All share with you

The same outlook.

I join you from time to time, watch

Morning sunrise

The pink brilliance

Of sunset.

The passing birdlife

Some days eye to eye with a bovine or two

Never a dull moment.

We lament the workers

Their daily grind as together

As we idly watch the day drift by.

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25 Responses to MTB– The things we see – Silent Sentinel.

  1. Gabriella says:

    This looks like a bench that has seen and heard a lot. I have no doubt it is a great place from which to ‘ idly watch the day drift by’.

  2. brian miller says:

    smiles…sounds a bit like my back porch…and i have a raught iron bench out there…it def needs a blanket to cushion the posterior…but the view…and all the little animals and such…well worth it…

  3. billgncs says:

    This really took me there, I like it when poetry does that.

  4. Seemed real enough that I was searching for the cushion so I could sit longer and watch the cattle.


  5. I know this spot..smiles.myou see a lot from your lovely backyard. Much better view than I…jealous, but the calves being taken away…not so nice 😔

  6. claudia says:

    those benches could tell thousands of stories me thinks… love how it becomes part of the place and takes in the things surrounding it… a beautiful resting place..

  7. kalabalu says:

    the seat that seems empty and lonely at times, but has many visitors and tales to tell to night.

  8. Interesting what you did with this prompt, Michael! You could go on an on, it felt comfy sitting and listen to the narrator and see all you describe.

  9. Mary says:

    What an interesting piece! I bet that bench could write a novel about the things it has seen. It must be nice when your own path intersects with it for a time.

  10. Grace says:

    Very nice point of view Michael ~ I am still in the daily grind but someday I hope to join you watching the day drift by ~

  11. Justin Lamb says:

    I really like that this shows things from the bench’s perspective. Very cool.

  12. The first Sunday of the Month i visit a farm of extended wife’s family way.. a little further north in Florida where i live.. where not even cell towers can reach the smartest of phones.. in fielded bovine way….

    And your words here are delightful in the beauty of this.. and remind me… it too.. will be mooing bliss..soon.. in the sweet fields of mother nature’s farmer ways…

    The night comes rest.. when one lives like this.. with nature..
    the way it is..
    instead of how we want it to complex language.. culture.. all the contrived
    human headaches @life..

    that the Cow never ever Moos about!..:)

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