Poetics – Good News, Bad News, Your News! – It’s All Good.


In my yard

Mowing, walking, enjoying

They flit about

Agitated parents

Continuously chirping

Never sitting still

I wonder what’s bugging them?

Then I see

Three babies

Sharing a nest

Built upon my neighbour’s clothesline.

Sitting precariously



As parents

They fiercely protect

Constantly vigilant

Hunting away predators.

Catering continuously

To their progeny’s never ending hunger.

I am excited

Never before have I been so close,

All round me life exists

New life is rare to see.

I am privileged


Protective also.

I wonder how their nest sits upon the steel pipes

What glue do they use?

It can withstand the strongest wind

The heaviest rain.

Nature is remarkable

I am in constant wonder.

Written for: http://dversepoets.com/2014/10/21/poetics-good-news-bad-news-your-news/

On Monday I mowed my lawns and noticed the Willy Wag Tails flitting about.

Yesterday I saw why. There are three babies in the nest. How they will fit in there as they grow I wait to see.

I took this photo as I could get up close to the nest.

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37 Responses to Poetics – Good News, Bad News, Your News! – It’s All Good.

  1. Gabriella says:

    Wonderful local news, Michael! I enjoyed both the poem and the photo. Amusing how all parents feel they have to protect their babies, whatever the kind of babies.

    • Thanks Gabriella. I am amazed by the dedication they show to the job of protecting their yiung. I watched them yesterday hunting away the crows which are three times at least their size.

  2. brian miller says:

    smiles. i am in constant wonder as well…at the new life for sure…spring is more that time for me…but saw a baby deer the other day and it is like amazing…and def wonder how creation ever came up with some things as well…so unique…and wonder-filled.

  3. Grace says:

    I had the same experience over spring ~ A nest for baby robins was precariously built over the skinny tree ~ Boy those hungry babies kept their parents busy ~ The wonder of nature, smiles ~

  4. Uplifting news for a change! Thank you!

  5. Lyn says:

    Lovely photo and lovely words, Michael. LOL, that is an old Hills Hoist! There are a couple of young Magpies in our front yard. They still can’t fly properly yet, so they just run and hop onto the low branches of the bushes that line the front boundary. They look so different in their pale brownie/grey fluffy feathers to their parents’ solid black and white. It will probably only be a day or two before they fly into the gum trees in the school yard across the road. I stayed away from them. I have memories of being swooped on by maggies as a kid–especially when we were out riding our bikes.

    • It is indeed an old Hills Hoist in the yard my grandmother once owned. Thanks Lyn I relate well to the magpies swooping us as kids and as adults, thankfully that time of year has passed around here.

  6. JackieP says:

    Mother Nature at her best. Thanks Michael.

  7. So very very cute Michael, loved the poem, laughed at the glue. The tale of Mother Nature all mums must protect their babies!

  8. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Now that’s great news! 🙂

  9. Cheery and chipper news, at last! 🙂

  10. Well done. Cheer and chipper news!

  11. These kind of news are the best… hope they manage despite that terrible position.

  12. Sumana Roy says:

    ah…protective parents…beautifully captivated…love the hungry babies in the photo…

  13. Mary says:

    What a delightful photo followed by a delightful poem, and how much fun it will be to watch the progression of the growth of these baby birds. Maybe you can take a series of photos as they grow…if you can continue to get as close to them as you did this time. There is something special about new life in every community!

  14. wolfsrosebud says:

    cool nest… amazing what we can find if we stop to look

  15. Abhra says:

    Indeed an adorable and heart warming piece – well done.

    “I wonder how their nest sits upon the steel pipes
    What glue do they use?”

    Often ask that myself, smiles.

  16. Justin Lamb says:

    This is one of my favorites from this dVerse prompt. I love the scene you captured, as well as the succinct wording and short lines. Very cool poem.

  17. lynn__ says:

    Happy to hear this piece of good news!! Wonder-full photo as well…thanks for sharing it 🙂

  18. Great news! I like the format of your poem.
    I did some obsessive bird watching when I discovered a swallow’s nest. It was fascinating to watch and photograph mom in action.

  19. RoSy says:

    So nice to see this little part of nature & the circle of life.
    We have birds that nest in our front porch every year.
    I love having them feel welcome & safe at my house. 🙂

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