Wordle #31 – Crunchy Bones


This weeks words are: Cenotaph Currency Neighbor Lichen Feast Crunch Recede Invisible Enamel Slope Murder Dismiss

My neighbour is an odd man, as are most of the people in our street, me included, then again you know me and its what you expect, isn’t it?

Ours is a neighbourhood laced with intrigue and mystery. Things happened in our neighbourhood, things that most people turn a blind eye to mainly because they don’t want to be explained.

It’s the sort of place where the crunch of a foot upon a gravel driveway conjures up thoughts you wish you never had to entertain.

Most people are happy for us to be invisible rather than admit our existence. To suggest that the occurrences within our neighbourhood are the sort of things to be easily dismissed is not something the community wants to contemplate. Rather the feeling is that serious action should take place. But it never does. Our eccentricities are tolerated on the whole.

Over the years, several neighbours have been accused of murder, mainly because we are the ones most likely to commit such things. In our town different means guilty. As soon as there is reason to point the finger our way it is often a slippery slope to prison.

We are different is all we are. We like doing things our way. We feast each week in a different house and we like to share the celebratory nature of our lives. We are essentially a happy folk. We enjoy simple things, Granny Smithers who lives one up from me makes the most amazing lichen spread, the sort of stuff you can never get enough of. When you bite into it you feel your toes begin to curl and yodelling is an impulsive must, its that good.

The town on the other hand shuns our street; the police often ignore our requests for help. The town last year erected a cenotaph in memory of the lost citizens, the ones who for whatever reason have disappeared over the years.

They have placed an enamel coating over the cenotaph to make for easy cleaning and to deter any would be vandals from defacing this monument. We think of it as a quaint human practice.

We have all agreed there is no currency for us in doing anything to antagonise the locals. We hope as time goes by and we stick to our street and our ways that the townspeople will become more accustomed to us and the attacks, which up until today had gone on unabated, will begin to recede.

We are gentle folk, law abiding citizens respecting the towns laws, we want to be a part of the decision making process as we feel we have a lot to offer the community. Time will tell of course, we don’t want to remain invisible; we hope to dismiss all rumours as nothing more than rumour.

Living in harmony is our one great desire, though we do have to get past our obvious thirst for human blood and the sensuous ecstasy of their crunchy bones.

Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/wordle-31/

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14 Responses to Wordle #31 – Crunchy Bones

  1. I love the opening!

    “different is considered guilty” How often that is the conclusion drawn, very profound line, love the wording

    I love the idea of yodeling because a food is so delicious I am about to tuck into some pie so I might start up here in a second lol

    That closing line is so unexpected and so brilliant. Morbid but funny!

  2. Macabre, murder,mayhem , so liked the closing line once again. Granny Smithers does she love her apples too? 🙂 I can hear you yodelling from here! 😄

  3. Lyn says:

    We think of it as a quaint human practice Hmm, that says rather a lot me thinks. Once again, Michael, you’ve written something different, intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable 🙂

  4. Pat says:

    This is a “macabre” side of you Michael – and I love it!

    What an amazing story – woven from the wordle – and it is fascinating, intriguing, mysterious, and yes, quirky. I’m 😀 from ear to ear. Beautiful in anticipation and brilliant in phrase. Fantastic!

  5. JackieP says:

    Hm, blood and crunchy bones. Yum. It’s when the bones aren’t so crunchy is when they have to worry. 😉

  6. Bastet says:

    Oh fun fun fun! Loved every word of this little tale … and such a wonderful ending which suddenly changed ones perspective from an ideological frown to a shiver of horror!

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