Wordle #27 – Spider V Digger


Today’s words to play with:

Sanction Cripple Retinue Spider Locker Savagery Hubris Condensation Bronze Upholstery Argyle Platform

‘Spider’ Matthews was on the run again. All authorities had been alerted to his escape earlier that day.

News spread quickly that he was on the loose. Everyone knew he was socially and morally crippled. Mothers locked up their houses, fathers locked up their daughters and sons, the retinue of government officials who gathered to consider the crisis locked themselves in the parliament chambers.

Spider struck fear into every corner of society. It was little wonder that most workers that day made sure they were home before sunset as they wanted to eliminate the possibility of coming under Spiders notorious code of sanctions which he wielded with impunity whenever he was on the run. In Spiders world there was a simple way of looking at things. ‘You were with him or against him’.

Of course this meant that most people were against him and he knew that as he justified meeting out the vengeance he saw as befitting his social standing.

The savagery of his form of ‘justice’ was a way of terrorising the neighbourhoods in which he operated. Fingers, toes, ears, the occasional eye were all fair game for Spider who saw each encounter as a way of establishing his control over the people he knew most feared him.

He had a very well known and respected opinion of himself including his knowledge of new and exciting words designed to confuse and impress all those on whom he used them. Recently in the daily paper he had been quoted as saying ‘ My own hubris leaves me with a sense of righteousness second to none.’

That statement alone sent chills throughout society, how could a cold-blooded killer like Spider believe such a thing as that about himself. The man was insane many began to say, a lunatic, moral degenerate and plain and simple mean as bat shit.

He had escaped from the prison by stowing himself into a music locker which was marked for the dump. He stayed in the locker as long as he could until the condensation from his own heavy breathing made living and breathing very precarious.

Once free he made his way to Digger Campbell’s place in the High Street. Digger had one flaw in his character and Spider was on to correct him for it. Spider hated argyle sweaters and Digger loved them. He had in fact many in a variety of colours and wore them every day.

Digger like Spider was a tough man and many feared the day would come where the two of them would face off over the sweater issue. Spider had made no bones about his dislike of Digger’s argyle sweaters calling into question Digger’s manhood.

Digger responded by calling Spider all guts and no class and had his photograph taken in his most prized sweater the bronze argyle.

Spider had seen the bronze argyle and was so mad he vowed there and then to get up on his soapbox and announce his intention for the much-awaited showdown.

A platform was set up for the two men to match off on. Each side turned up with their own retinue of supporters, Spider’s with banners and slogans calling for death to all argyle wearers and Digger’s supporters in assorted argyle sweaters. If nothing else it was a colourful sight.

A hush developed as the big event drew closer. Around the nation people in their homes were glued to the television sets, their fingers digging in to the upholstery of their respective lounge chairs.

You could have heard a pin drop, the silence was deafening, the expectation chilling, the combatants nose to nose.

Suddenly there was a disruptive noise as Spider and Digger’s mums stepped onto the platform. Each brandished an umbrella and began laying into their respective sons with it. The crowd erupted. Spider and Digger cowered before their umbrella-wielding mums.

In the weeks that followed there was much said about the great argyle faceoff. Spider was sent back to gaol. His retinue disbanded, until he escaped again at least and Digger received a new argyle sweater from his mum, in gold, silver and bronze.

At the bingo the respective mums congratulated themselves on raising such fine young men, yes they agreed their sons may well be socially inept, capable of the most savage of acts, have far more hubris than was good for them, love the thought that on any platform people cheered for them. Despite all they saw as crippling their sons growth they both agreed they were basically good boys in need of a little guidance and they were only too willing to sanction it.

Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/wordle-27/

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4 Responses to Wordle #27 – Spider V Digger

  1. This is fabulous Michael! I laughed and smiled the whole way! I love the argyle sweater dispute and how it was resolved! Very clever!

  2. phylor says:

    I can picture, due to your words, the mums thumping their sons with umbrellas. Great visual story. And hey, I have argyle socks, and once had a second hand argyle coat.

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