Wordle #22 – The Missing Baroque Furniture


  1. Exude 2. Geese 3. Legion 4. Radiation 5. Meaningless 6. Decoy 7. Plaster 8. Linoleum 9. Dormancy 10. Falsetto 11. Gesture 12. Baroque (irregular in shape, extravagantly ornate)

Like most days in my life this one started in much the same way as every other one. Riveted to the morning news. I was told to watch the news, as it may be a preview to the outcome of my day. But it was the same old stuff, murder, death, scandal, the usual mayhem

So much of it meaningless to me. Who cares I thought about a man in Perth whose wife had just given birth to triplets, or to the farmer whose geese had laid golden eggs. Commercial television was like that I thought always making sensational claims.

It was getting late and the linoleum under my feet was cold. It was time to dress for the workday. I had to say though the dormancy I was feeling was somewhat overwhelming as dormancy was a preferred state of being most days. I had a nice place to live in, it was cosy, it exuded a warmth that could only be described and most people found that hard to understand but I tried, as was my want. For my family believed I was a dormant creature on most days, so they were accustomed to by dormancy, which usually lasted most of the winter. I think in a previous life I had been a squirrel.

The phone rang and Harvey Stace my secretary, manservant man, whose falsetto vocal tones irritated the life out of me, was on the other end telling me about a new case.

Some expensive baroque furniture had been stolen overnight from the local museum and we had been assigned the case.

It was gesture of good faith from the museum as our previous case involving a woman who fell in love with a Foreign Legionnaire named Alsance had resulted in us being placed in a very precarious position as it became clear to me we were no more than a decoy for some of the top end of town to carry on with their dirty plaster fixing business.

The issue had been leaking radiation and I am sure it went a long way to explaining Harvey’s new found vocal range. But needless to say Harvey was a resilient man if not somewhat stupid as well as he would argue that plaster was from Paris and no where else.

So I put down the phone and decided that today was going to be like most days in this job, there was a sense of danger exuding from the very pores of the case, the meaninglessness of life would be quickly explained and geese would be made more than tasty if left to gather all the radiation they could from the microwave back in the office.

Today nothing was going to stand in my way, no gesture could distract me, no decoy of any kind would stand in my way as I resolutely pursued the baroque thieves.

I grabbed my hat and made my out to join the legion of early morning commuters.

Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/wordle-22-2/


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9 Responses to Wordle #22 – The Missing Baroque Furniture

  1. Such an assortment of words, yet you have blended them into a wonderful little story. I chuckled at being a squirrel..I won’t say anymore…as usual a witty and interesting read for the Wordle. 🙂

  2. Sam insists I was a squirrel in a previous life and when Isadora was smaller she said I smelt like acorns which left Sam in hysterics. I loved the bit about the leaking radiation causing Harvey’s falsetto very amusing I love your sense of absurdity

  3. Thanks Yves, absurdity is my favourite form of humour.

  4. Bastet says:

    LOL … what a detective … I’m sure he will get his furniture, though I wouldn’t mind reading the steps he takes, another delightful bit of nonsense that seems so close to being something that could really happen … esp the geese with the golden eggs 😉

  5. RoSy says:

    You had me chuckling throughout this story. 😆
    LOL on being a squirrel in a previous life.
    Does this mean the character is nuts? LOL
    I like how he had a man secretary too – a manservant.

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