Tale Weaver’s Prompt #18 – Villain – Who Calls Me Fool?

iago two faced mask

He has passed me over

Taken from me what is rightfully mine.

I have stood loyally beside him in battle

We have won many victories

I deserve better.

This slap stings but my sting will be greater.

Why has he promoted this bookish

Inept insipid no body

To a position that is rightfully mine?

He has endeared himself to others

To them he is a great warrior

Has saved the state many times

With me his faithful lieutenant.

The usurpers position should be mine.


Where once I loved for him

Now I loathe him.

I will serve my time upon him.

I have been wronged

I am embittered.

My plan is cunning,

It will cut him down.

I will poison his mind

His one great love

I shall twist into a far greater enemy

Than any he has faced before.

My plan excites me

Thrills me

My pursuit of justice

My hatred for him

Knows no end.

He trusts me I know

Did he really think I was not ambitious?

Sought favour in the same way as he?

My wrath I shall unleash.

He is unschooled in the ways of women

His mind I will puncture with doubts

Suggest her infidelity

Her innocence a deception.

His gullibility will turn him inside out.

Faultless love turns a burning hatred.

He will see her as he did his enemies

She will meet a warrior’s justice.

And me?

I shall remain at his side.

Always sympathetic,

My loyalty never questioned.

The fool I shall twist and shape as if putty.

An innocent observer

His trusted adviser.

Me fraudulent?

He will never suspect.

I shall delight in his demise,

My expressed fears of his kind

Of foreign social graces

Bestial behaviours

Will at last be heard.

His mind shall be infiltrated

Stories of her indiscretions

Suggestions of lurid behaviours

Doubts over her loyalty

The threat of being cuckolded.

He will mistrust her

Doubt her

Question her.

But never me

The warrior in him trusts me.

And why not?

He calls me an honest man.

I will reduce him

To the mere beast he is.

He will be condemned

Stripped him of honours

Labelled a monster.

What delight this will be.

I rejoice in my plan

A puppet in my hands

For who is he that says I am a fool?


Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/07/24/tale-weavers-prompt-18-villain/

I have based this villain on Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello, my favourite villain of all.

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23 Responses to Tale Weaver’s Prompt #18 – Villain – Who Calls Me Fool?

  1. JackieP says:

    Well, I think Shakespeare would enjoy it. He liked his villains too. Well done Michael.

  2. mandy says:

    Oh my lord, Michael. I never knew you had it in you, the deceit, the deception! (Will you ever cease to amaze me?) wow!

  3. Larry says:

    I see you’ve met my ex.

  4. Lyn says:

    Oh my! Please tell me where this person is so I can avoid them like the plague. In fact, I think they might have contracted the plague in their mind and soul. You do bad really good 😀

  5. Some particularly nasty revenge being plotted here. A thoroughly devious mind hath the narrator!
    That mask is delightfully creepy. I was born in the Philippines. It reminds me of the descriptions of some of our deities, who aren’t always entirely nice.
    Thanks for visiting The Netherworld.

  6. Outstandingly vicious my friend. Well done. I liked Larry’s comment too – smiles

  7. Dark, cold and calculating. Very epic.

  8. RoSy says:

    Ooooh – I like these types of villains!
    What’s wrong with me?

  9. phylor says:

    I thought there was an Iago flavor to this! Great choice! Iago was one h**l of a villain. I can see why he would be your favourite. Not sure who mine is.

    • Thank you he always intrigued me with his ‘innocent’ deception. We did a task once where we asked kids to justify Iago’s behaviour. We has some amazingly inventive responses.

  10. Amrit Sinha says:

    A cool villainous piece … loved it 🙂

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