State of Origin – NSW V Queensland

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Queensland have won the for the past nine years.

Michael T CoverTonight is the 100th game between the two sides.

Great prestige is attached to the game.

It is half time and my BLUES are up……..we have 40 minutes left to play.

As you can see I have my players jumper…..

FULLTIME 12 – 8 NSW wins

two more games  to play……

My thanks to Miss Lou at: for creating the jumpers for me, a wonderful gesture considering she is a fanatical Maroons supporter. Go check out her cool blog.


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5 Responses to State of Origin – NSW V Queensland

  1. Miss Lou says:

    12-8 Game went to the Blues!! Was an awesome game!! Close and who knew what was going to happen, right up until the finish of that final penalty. Great post!!

    Can hardly wait till game two. I’ve set up a friendly wager – 3 caramello koalas …. LOL

  2. Lyn says:

    Yay!!!!! NSW won 😀 I only managed to catch the last ten minutes, but that was exciting enough.
    Love the shirt MIchael. First time NSW has won the match in Queensland for about eleven years I think. A nice start to the series. Go the Blues!

  3. RoSy says:

    YAY for you & your Blues! 🙂

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