Prompt 55 “Slowly Dawning Horror” On Viewing ‘The Exorcist’


Its dark now

The house is silent

Save for the creaking of the floor

The room, the bed, the sheets, me

Seemingly everything is making noises

They don’t normally make.

To make matters worse

For the first time ever

My parents are away for the weekend.

Normally I am fine in the dark

But tonight I am on edge.

Last night I took my girlfriend

To the movies, The Exorcist.

It terrified me; I have been trembling ever since,

I even smashed her hand at one stage

Against the arm rest as I moved to cover my eyes

Apologies were short lived as the next

Even more confronting scene followed

Heads swivelling, projectile green vomit

Were bad enough

But it was the sound, the voices,

That scared me the most,

Unnatural sounds from unnatural beings.

Should my bed so much as move as a fraction

I am out of here!

A sleepless night, dawn welcomed with open arms.

Later I read the novel

Enjoyed it as I took in the scenes that frightened me

Given time to digest them, not visually confronted.

My naivety in seeing the film

Thinking at age twenty

What a man of the world I was

Was horribly rewarded.


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23 Responses to Prompt 55 “Slowly Dawning Horror” On Viewing ‘The Exorcist’

  1. I saw The Exorcist when I was 10 and it was so traumatizing I had trouble to sleep for weeks! I thought it was really scary too Michael.

  2. Took me back…to when I saw it, walking back into my parents house on a cold wintry night. No nightmares but scare the b..out of me. Also some eejit went behind the curtains and started moving hem at just the right times…. Kids… So erm thanks lol. Yves what on earth? Watching this at 10? Where were the censors?!

  3. Bastet says:

    Wow…you’ve brought that horror to life…really scary! I have to admit that The Exoricist movie didn’t get me much, but the book did! 🙂

  4. CC Champagne says:

    With a mild case of arachnophobia I once made the not so clever decision to watch, on a dark and lonely night, the movie aptly named ‘Arachnophobia’… Every shadow I saw, every itch I felt, every rustling I heard for a long time after that made me shake and shriek. This hit home with me! *shudders*

  5. JackieP says:

    Oh, I remember seeing that movie when I was a teenager, went with my sister and brother-in-law. Scared me to death! I had nightmares for weeks. Then I read the book LOL glutton for punishment, but the book was so much better than the movie and somehow not as scary.

  6. Seriously cool! Great take on the prompt!! 🙂 🙂

  7. RoSy says:

    The thought of the reality of evil lurking like that is frightening. That movies is scary. I remember watching it & thinking – I would not be an actress or actor in that sort of film no matter how much they paid me. I was probably in my early teens when I watched it.

  8. You brought it all back to life, Michael. I read the book when it came out …I could not sleep for 3 months…had to sleep with the lights on and arms crossed on my chest, repeating “I don’t believe in the power of the devel” I could never watch the movie…by accident I may fall on the movie and see a few mins and I have nightmares…you described those sounds…OMG…dreadfully terrorizing.

    • Thanks Oliana, it was a scary film, the novel I dealt with in a much better way. It kept me awake as well.

      • At the beginning of the book it says, “you will be turning on all the lights in your house after a few chapters of this book.” The author was right!! Being a catholic, any devil related stories terrorize me!! even today. It took all my strength to read Fine Things by Stephen King ONLY cos he is such a great writer.

      • Yes I agree our catholic background didn’t help us with some stories. I still steer away from horror stories.

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