Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust – Energy


I have awoken again and sense you are here. I know I cannot see you yet, I know from before that you need to warm me up as you say, tune me to your desires before I can fully comprehend your presence. In doing so you are taking my energy to create your own sense of being.

Right now your light is but a pinprick as I watch you beginning to physicalize. You are a light that spins before me I feel myself begin to warm, you are able to penetrate my brain as I know its within my cortex that you will most take delight.

My clothes fall away as I watch you grow, your light is now clearly visible as it begins to spin around the room at first in fits and starts but before long it is zooming, my eyes unable to focus as they are mesmerised by the glow and the movement I am feeling myself as hypnotised.

I am naked upon my bed, you are hovering above me, your sense of self begins to caress and glide over me but I know you are not physically doing so but extending your energy onto me. You are heightening my body, I am feeling more and more aroused, my body convulses with pleasures never before dreamt of, sensations beyond this world.

You move over me with increasing energy, I gasp in pleasure I feel my whole self being lifted off the bed, every pore of my skin is alive to your touch your energy I am feeling faint as I now feel you enter me my breath draws in my head feels about to explode as pleasures unknown surge through me head to toe not once but as an enduring pleasure from which you take my desire my energy my lust as your trophy.

I am back on my bed. My body glistening from your lust. I am sated, I look for you and see that now you are glowing ball at the end of my bed, a pulsing ball of expended energy that moves through a series of blues and reds and greens as you are plainly extracting all you need to satisfy your own supernatural lust. Finally that moment I marvel at, your energy contacts, momentarily then explodes in a shower of light and stars that fills my room with a glitter like I have never witnessed before. My breath taken away another wave of ecstasy sweeps over me and I am floating again in the physical release you again give me.

I awaken as dawn breaks over the horizon, my flesh still damp, I breath in the morning air, my mind is still with you, lusting already for your return.

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19 Responses to Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust – Energy

  1. This is excellent Michael truly you captured the supernatural dreamy aspects, reminded me of some intense dreams I’ve had, definitely erotic

  2. Capturing the moments of extreme pleasure, a trophy indeed as ‘she’ has her way with you, leaving you sated. How nice to have this experience. Nicely done Michael and as ‘Yves said very erotic.

  3. JackieP says:

    Nice piece Michael, captures the sexual energy well. I liked it.

  4. Very steamy, excellent write and great response to the prompt! 🙂 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    This would be great as a short story! Very nicely done.

  6. RoSy says:

    Talk about a bust of emotions…!

  7. Send that ball of light my way. This is intense writing.

  8. Wow! this is beautiful, erotic and the imagery is just …well, amazing. Great interpretation on this prompt, indeed, Michael!

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