Carpe Diem’s “Kamishibai” #8 …my neighborhood …


It is five am and as I stand at my back door and look out into the silent world of my neighbourhood the singing of so many birds fills my ears.

They chorus the dawning of a new day.

The sun is struggling its way over the horizon and spreading its light pushing away the darkness.

I take in the brisk air, the smell of cut lucerne, awaiting the baler. Which I am sure will I will hear later tonight.

My yard this morning is booby-trapped with spider webs, which are woven during the night, their intricate patterns always a source of wonder. I must be careful as I walk into my yard less I become ensnared.

With my steaming cup of tea I stand and look out across the farm, the rows of cut lucerne like small waves rolling across the vast expanse of the cut paddock.

When all silence has been gathered the laughing of the kookaburras shatters this reverie. The pair in the far trees as one their laughter in marking their territory.   Their cackle is loud and raucous heralding the arriving morning.

My heart is filled with joy. I will never tired of their laughter. How blessed I am that these unique birds live in the trees of my neighbourhood.


silence pervading

the smells of early morning

kookaburra sings

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19 Responses to Carpe Diem’s “Kamishibai” #8 …my neighborhood …

  1. Anja says:

    awwww Love it and so jealous I do not have these kookaburras. I can only sing the childhood song…..

  2. Welcome at Carpe Diem Haiku kai Special Summerstommy2 … what a nice haibun you’ve written here and shared with us all. Haibun is a great way to describe your emotions and try to make the story compact also in a haiku or make your story complete with that haiku. Thank you for sharing. I am your host here by the way.

  3. Bastet says:

    how I do envy you all the dawn bird talk though not the spider webs 🙂 this is such a lovey haibun…it makes me smile and remember that though we will not have kookaburra our blackirds will be singing in a little more than two short months!

  4. Just gorgeous Michael!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Lyn says:

    Nice lead up to the Haibun, Michael. I love Kookaburras! We get them here in my neck of the woods sometimes, but mostly we get flocks of sulphur crested cockatoos. They gather in the school yard across the road at about 4:30 every afternoon (around 40 of them) and hunt for any food scraps left by the kids and play havoc with the pine trees. School holiday time, they just fly above the school yard, screech and fly away. Obviously unimpressed by the lack of food.
    We also get galahs and rainbow lorrikeets in the trees in our front yard. We’re in a fairly built up area, but we still get them.

    • Thanks Lyn, its lovely isn’t it seeing them, though screeching cockatoos can be very loud, I remember when I lived in the bush we used to get flocks of black galahs and they made a huge racket.

  6. Like lyn we get more cockies, minor birds, crows, the occasional parrot and now and then more so in the parks kookaburras. You are fortunate to live where you do and yes I’m jealous. Pouts, nice halibun and haiku to describe.

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