Poem 42

drama room

In my space there is space

For games and improvisation

For trying the impossible and making it seem possible.

Play is important

It frees your mind

It bends those rules

That curtail and hinder progress

The ones you have implanted in your mind.

One day you discover a new world

A new view on what happens

And you wonder why it never occurred before

And why the quiet boy is suddenly interesting

And why you can now approach anyone

And ask those questions you once shied away from.

Years later you realise that it was in here

That those skills you now treasure

Were initially formed

And you’re happy now,

And pleased

You walked through that door, all those years ago.

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12 Responses to Poem 42

  1. Anja says:

    Very good feel of absurdism

  2. RoSy says:

    Part of me shall always remain a kid at heart. I can’t help myself. I refuse to grow up.
    The older I get the more I realize how fun it is to be a kid with experience 😉

  3. PookyH says:

    This brings to mind the feeling of having small children – it’s kind of freeing to be with people who love you unconditionally and who champion your efforts at all you try, no matter how appalling!

    • Does the appalling word refer to my art, that i can understand…lol But yes working with people and seeing them work towards a goal is very rewarding. The beauty of drama is that you can try something and if it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t matter you try something else. Thanks Pooky.

      • PookyH says:

        ha ha – appalling refers to my attempts at any form of art be it drama or drawing or anything similar. But as an adult and a Mum I feel more free to try things and enjoy them even if I’m not good at them than I felt when I was younger and so afraid to fail.

      • There is a saying we have in drama Pooky when it appears things are not working, we say it doesn’t matter, the sun will still come up tomorrow. With your own kids you can try anything, and always be a winner.

  4. changing…developing a young one’s mind..growing … let the teacher speak and let the pupil listen

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