Ligo Haibun Challenge: Torture



I sit and listen to you, minute on minute, hour after hour.

Why do you go on so.

My ears are burning from the onslaught of your words, your vitriol cutting me to the bone.

I have felt this moment so many times, the word spoken in jest, or just plain wrong, the trigger for you to delight in the punishment so easily inflicted.

The efforts you go to in order for me to see the error of my ways, the words twisted in your mind, the ugliness of your face as you spit them at me one by one.

Now I await the breaking point, your exhaustion, my exploding temper causing even greater torture on top of the present unbearableness.

Inside I long for a life of love, closeness and intimacy, far from this madness.

Wasted lost hours

Words blasted from your hatred

Where is your love now?

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26 Responses to Ligo Haibun Challenge: Torture

  1. woah Summers – that’s fiery – felt that anger rising then, good pic chosen to match.

  2. Anja says:

    Isn’t it strange how living with someone like that is actually a form of self-torture? Wonderful writing.

  3. Cubby says:

    The way you write is truly effortless to read. Absolutely love it.

  4. nightlake says:

    This is painful and sad. realistic. anger and contortion of face…nicely done. Your haibun has been mentioned this month as a ‘special mention’:)

  5. RoSy says:

    Whoa – that is torture!

    I like the large font. It’s friendly on my eyes.
    I will have to figure out how to make the font on my posts bigger too.

    • Hi RoSy, I have no idea why the font is big. I tried reducing it but it stays as this size which is ok as I agree it is easier on the eye. Thanks too for seeing the torture loud and clear, and it was!

  6. howanxious says:

    A torture indeed. Very well-written.

  7. Brenda says:

    The font makes it look like you are screaming, too. Inside. And I agree, having someone you love list your faults is torture. Extreme!

    • Hello Brenda, i don’t know why the font is so big, but I see your point about it appearing to scream at you, that’s a good explanation. Thank you for your comment, and yes it is torture.

  8. Ese' s Voice says:

    Raw and powerful. The dreadful reality kicks in with every line and doesn’t let go till the very last word.

  9. Powerful emotion. I could feel all the figure. Very well expressed πŸ™‚

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