Alastair’s Photo Fiction: July 28th 2013


The Dangly Thing.

 I ‘m not happy.




Yes, there’s nowhere to go.

There isn’t?

Can’t go forward, can’t go back

That’s the problem with moments in time.

I know.

You can’t talk about before or after.

Cause there isn’t any?


Them out there, they’ll want to know.

I know.

What will we say?

What could we say?

Well we could say it’s phallic.

That’s a bit risqué.

Well god knows these things need something.

Most definitely.

But we can’t say that.

Why not?

Already been done.

It has?





She’s like that.

All high heels and dancing.

Lovely girl though.


What about the thing?

The thing.

The dangly thing?

No idea.

Me neither.

A lounge?


A musical instrument?

Doesn’t strike a chord with me.

We don’t need to say anything really.


We are, it is.

What’s left to say?

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15 Responses to Alastair’s Photo Fiction: July 28th 2013

  1. Alastair says:

    Haha. Love that. A post with nothing to say 😀

    • summerstommy2 says:

      I am teaching absurdism at the moment all the nothing that happens has rubbed off on me. Thanks for the comment.

  2. misskzebra says:

    Haha, I like it. 😀

  3. Gabriella says:

    Absurdism can be a lot of fun. It certainly is the case here!

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thanks Gabriella I appreciate your comment. I found this weeks prompt challenging, as you can see. The whole notion of restricting my response to the moment of the photo intrigued me.

  4. Lewis Cave says:

    I think I see what’s going on here but I’m too scared to say. Besides this has been a dangerous prompt, so far I have seen a murder and a guy get beat up cause of a girl.

  5. zookyworld says:

    I like your absurdist take on the prompt. Hey, sometimes it’s about the nothing to say. And neat tip-in about misskzebra’s story.

  6. You said nothing well my friend 🙂

  7. Joe Owens says:

    Could easily be Jerry Seinfeld and George talking in Jerry’s apartment. Funny.

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