GKid No5

Yesterday a new grandson arrived.


William was born to my daughter Charlotte.

He is her second child and they are both doing well.

As I have six kids of my own, all grown up and doing wonderful things in life, the prospect of gkids as always been something I have tried to comes to terms with.

I know some people find being a grandparent an easy thing but for me it has not always been easy.

Whilst I love my gkids dearly, they like my children are the most unique of people, I think that as I spent so much of my time as a parent bringing up my kids, their kids I am happy to leave to them.

Don’t get me wrong I help out when I am asked but I often feel I don’t have the relationship with them I think I should.

Anyway yesterday William came into the world, he is the fourth boy and my single grand daughter is feeling a bit put out as she was hoping for a girl cousin.

So up to the hospital I went to see him, my daughter and her husband.

I beheld the most beautiful little baby. My heart went out to him immediately.

He is such a small boy, he slept all the while I was there, which I know can be a deceptive tactic babies use to lure grandparents into thinking they are wonderfully compliant children but nevertheless I nursed him for some time and fell in love with another gkid whom I know is going to be a special boy in his own way.

I am feeling pretty good today about his arrival. My daughter is going ok, much better than she did when Jack was born and so I am hopeful all continues this way.

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2 Responses to GKid No5

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Congrat’s to you, your daughter, husband and family! Welcome to him, the new addition in your family to love! 🙂

    • summerstommy says:

      Oh yes this little man will be loved as they all are. They are at home now so we shall go and see them tomorrow. My son has not met his nephew as yet.
      My Christmas I will have 6 gKids, to match the 6 I have of my own!! How cool is that?

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