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I have read your words spread randomly over months.

Watched your pain from isolation, to rejection.

Imagined your elation when you see your children

The products of your influence.

I rejoiced in your sense of freedom.

Marveled at your courage in moving house, changing towns.

Your bravery in taking a new job,

Establishing your family in new surrounds.

I have been moved by your resolutions

Your expressions of love.

Your exclamations of passion for your work

The expectations, the thrill of success.

The ideals you espouse

I agree, I admire.

But I don’t know you

I feel as an outsider, invisible to you

A reader of your words, nothing more.

My support is wordless,

Best to leave things be.

When I see you lay bare your soul,

To whom do you reach out?

A lost love, a new love?

I sense you receive no answer?

I have watched you slip further into blackness.

Weeks from now, I hope,  another snippet will appear,

Your story unfolding, a serial not yet complete.


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