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100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge —Week 7 – The Witch

Image Credit: Olivier Guillard Once upon a time in a forest just down the road lived a witch. She was a run of the mill witch except for one thing. The witch was a witchy witch. She could look in … Continue reading

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FFfAW – Week of 04-05-2016 – Miss Marble’s Garden

Image : Pixbay Miss Marble apart from being the only witch in the neighbourhood was also a very house-proud woman. Having lived at 46 Grimace Street a long time she had been able to cultivate a beautiful garden and her … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #40: Snow White Stop Kissing that Frog!* – The Wicked Witch’s Sister

While Hansel and Gretel struggled with the wicked witch in the gingerbread house across the way and down a few streets lived the gingerbread house witches sister Marge. Now Marge had made it her mission in life to do most … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #39 – Shadows – The Malevolent Shadow

Image: © Rose’s Garden Weave a tale in which your shadow or shadows play a significant role. Imagine your shadow can communicate, decides it is sick of you and wants to leave, argues with you about life decisions, vanishes……becomes a … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – September 14th, 2015 – The Modern Witch

Finish the story begins with:  “From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.” All she saw most days was a lot of bad and ugly and occasionally some good. The world had gone crazy she thought. Then … Continue reading

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